Metascience new issue

Publication of Volume 26, Issue 2 of the journal Metascience.

Editors: K. Brad Wray and Luciano Boschiero

In this issue:

1.  Editorial

Metascience is on the move

K. Brad Wray, Luciano Boschiero Pages 173-174

2.  Review Essay

Hunter’s multifaceted Boyle

J. J. MacIntosh Pages 175-181

3.  Book Review

Copernicus: paving the way for Kepler

Christopher M. Graney Pages 183-185

4.  Book Review

The spread of the telescope

Marvin Bolt Pages 187-189

5.  Book Review

Kepler in a witch’s world

Adam Richter Pages 191-193

6.  Book Review

Fly me to the moon/let me play among the stars

Nick Wilding Pages 195-197

7.  Book Note

The secret lives of women

Luciano Boschiero Pages 199-200

8.  Essay Review

Text and context in the history of medieval thought

Stephen H. Rigby Pages 201-206

9.  Book Review

Applied chemistry in the ancient Mediterranean world

John Peter Oleson Pages 207-210

10.  Essay Review

Understanding case studies

Joseph C. Pitt Pages 211-214

11.  Book Review

Knowledge and groups

Chris Dragos Pages 215-218

12.  Book Review

An introduction to the scientific realism debate

Leah Henderson Pages 219-222

13.  Book Review

Stasis and change: the evolution of a philosopher

Alan C. Love Pages 223-227

14.  Book Review

The counter-revolution over multiple realization

Ronald Endicott Pages 229-232

15.  Book Review

Covering the basics in the philosophy of science

Marianne Janack Pages 233-235

16.  Book Review

A classic of Bayesian confirmation theory

Finnur Dellsén Pages 237-240

17.  Book Review

A new graduate reader in formal epistemology

Conor Mayo-Wilson Pages 241-243

18.  Book Review

Assessing the credence of Bayesian epistemology

Erik J. Olsson Pages 245-247

19.  Book Notice

Math and its uses: it is complicated

Audrey Yap Pages 249-250

20.  Essay Review

A deliciously accessible introduction to quantum mechanics

Benjamin Eva Pages 251-255

21.  Essay Review

Taking stock of the metaphysics of science debate: drawing disciplinary frontiers

Cristian Soto Pages 257-261

22.  Book Review

Do we really experience temporal passage?

R. D. Ingthorsson Pages 263-266

23.  Survey review

Pioneering women in astronomy and aerospace

Naomi Pasachoff Pages 267-276

24.  Book Review

Space as place, not program

Erik M. Conway Pages 277-279

25.  Book Review

Genetics, behavior, and lessons from C. elegans

Amy Coffin Pages 281-283

26.  Book Review

The role of biology in philosophy

Michael Ruse Pages 285-288

27.  Book Review

Biology and political ideologies: on the futility of scientific justification for political values, now and in the past

Ute Deichmann Pages 289-292

28.  Book Review

Disrupting our picture of nature: eighteenth-century reordering of the natural order

Paul Lawrence Farber Pages 293-295

29.  Essay Review

Toward a philosophy of discovery: Friedrich Steinle’s exploratory experiments

Kevin Lambert Pages 297-302

30.  Book Review

Science history in Barcelona’s urban spaces

Miquel Carandell Baruzzi Pages 303-305

31.  Book Review

Harding then and now

Catherine Hundleby Pages 307-310

32.  Book Review

What is noise, and what isn’t?

John Forge Pages 311-313

33.  Book Review

Old questions, new contexts

Gregory W. Dawes Pages 315-318

34.  Book Review

Ethics for an uncertain future

Fiorella Battaglia Pages 319-322

35.  Book Notice

Forecasting the weather

Cornelia Lüdecke Pages 323-324

36.  BookReview

A history of American psychology

Cathy Faye Pages 325-328

37.  Book Review

Blinded by (economic) science

David Tyfield Pages 329-333

38.  Essay Review

A new approach to philosophy of science textbooks

Maarten Franssen Pages 335-339

39.  Book Review

The students’ guide to the epistemology of science

Vincent Ardourel Pages 341-343

40.  Book Review

Destination: a career in STEM

Evelyn Brister, Iman Farid Pages 345-347

41.  Book Review

Myths my teacher told me

Nick Spicher Pages 349-352