6 de octubre de 2017

CfP: Medical Humanities and Social Justice

The editors of the online magazine Dósis: medical humanities + social justice -- a new project of Med Hum | Daily Dose -- are seeking contributors for their debut issue: “Sickness and Health in the Era of Trump.” Since January 2017 we have seen the steady erosion of our national -- and international -- well-being under the GOP-led government. We have also seen citizens and residents in all corners of our nation mounting a steady resistance against the erasure of progress made in the eight years of President Obama’s administration. Progress toward better access to healthcare, environmental sustainability, de-escalation of violence, and the recognition of human rights for all people living within and without our national borders. Dósis seeks essays, commentary, reviews, and visual art that speaks to both destruction and resistance in the era of Trump.

Please share widely--information on submission here: https://medhumdosis.com/style-sheet/current-call/