19 de octubre de 2017

SSHM Gazette Call for Contributions

Every issue of the journal Social History of Medicine is accompanied by The Gazette—the newsletter for Society Members. If you have any contributions/announcements/events broadly related to the history of medicine, which you think might be of interest to our membership, please send them by email to a.hanley@bbk.ac.uk

NEXT DEADLINE: Monday 13 November (for the November Issue)

Contributions might include, but are not limited to:
•       CFPs
•       Conference and Workshop invites & announcements
•       Workshop/conference reports (max. 900 words)
•       Blog info
•       News from HSTM/HPS centres, museums, libraries, archives and galleries (300 words)
•       News about large projects, online resources, digitisation (300 words)
•       Award, Grant & Scholarship Deadlines
•       Art and Museum Exhibitions
•       Lectures / Events / seminar series announcements

Please ensure that contributions are formatted using UK spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In the interests of space and fairness we apologise that we cannot advertise individual publications, other than those in the Society's own series.

Previous issues of The Gazette can be viewed online at https://sshm.org/portfolio/the-gazette/.