5 de diciembre de 2017

CfP “Challenging Europe: Technology, environment and the quest for resource security”

Tensions of Europe – Research Group on Technology, Environment and Resources 

Challenging Europe: Technology, environment and the quest for resource security

Call for Papers for a Special Issue and a Writing Workshop, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 13-15 June 2018. Deadline 15 January 2018

The Research Group on Technology, Environment and Resources of the Tensions of Europe Network invites applications for contribution to a special issue and a writing workshop dedicated to the improvement and finalization of well-developed draft contributions to this special issue. The special issue will tie major results and work at former events of the research group together, but it also opens up for new contributors who are not yet members of the research group and who are engaged in relevant research. Invited are authors who are able to deliver serious, fairly mature drafts of full-length papers. The draft papers should be submitted by 15 May 2018. The set of articles will be reviewed, discussed and further developed at the workshop.

The topic of the writing workshop and the special issue and writing workshop covers ongoing research interests along the lines of the preceding workshops and panel series (“Technology, natural resources and crises in the past and present of Europe and beyond”). Themes of particular interests include 1) Globalized resource cycles and environmental transformation; 2) Managing crises: technologies and politics of natural resources; and 3) Perceptions and construction of resources, resource crises and resource futures.

Our understanding of “resources” is broad, comprising water, metals, minerals and energy along with living resources such as fisheries, forests and agricultural land. Our aim is to be able to bridge a wide array of very different resources. 

Major questions to be asked comprise:
·         How were science and technology used by European states, scientists, local communities and other actors as tools to explore, extract, transform and use natural resources?
·         How did actual or perceived resource crises spur the development and application of technologies and the exploration of new resources and new territories?
·         Which geopolitical, environmental and societal implications did resource use and needs have in and beyond Europe?
·         How did perceptions and visions of resources and the relations of society, technology and resources change over time in European societies and institutions?
·         How did technologies contribute to perceptions and conceptions of “development” and “sustainability” and the emergence of forestry and water politics, agricultural development, biofuels and green technologies?

Authors who wish to contribute to the special issue and participate at the writing workshop are asked to submit a 2-page abstract (about 1000 words) and a CV to Per Högselius at perho@kth.se. Authors who wish to contribute to the special issue but are unable to participate at the writing workshop are also invited to submit an abstract and CV. The deadline is 15 January 2017. We will attempt to organize funding for those in need of travel support for the writing workshop. Please indicate in your application whether you will need travel support.

For further information about the Research Group on Technology, Environment and Resources please see: http://toe2.du-de.nl/technology-environment-and-resources/.