11 de enero de 2018

Two fully funded PhD Studentships, dept of Sociology, Lancaster University - applications invited

Applications are invited for two fully funded +3 studentships for Home/EU students who already have a relevant Masters’ degree. The studentships are to start in October 2018. Further details and information about applying are available at: http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/elizabeth-shove/research-students/ 

Transitions in the technologies and practices of office work:  Manchester’s administrative industries (1960-2017) With Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.
This project investigates the relation between innovations in office technology - from filing cabinets and fax machines through to hard drives and email – and changing competencies and experiences of office work.  The research will makes use of the Museum of Science and Industry’s  (MSI) collection of office-related objects, and of secondary sources together with interviews and focus groups to find out how innovations in office technology have affected the nature and location of office work and vice versa. In tackling these questions, and in showing what past innovations in office work might reveal about the future, the research will bring together concepts and approaches from fields such as science and technology studies, material culture and the sociology of everyday practice, also developing a novel integration of methods of material culture/object analysis, interviews, focus groups and archival research.
Deadline for applications: 12th February 2018

Situating Everyday First Aid: Social Practices and Settings of Incidents and Help. With the British Red Cross.
The project investigates the social organisation of first aid. The research will focus on the social and institutional settings within which first aid ‘incidents’ occur and how these settings influence the kinds of ‘responses’ and forms of help that follow.
The aim is to provide a better understanding of accidents, risks, and harms by positioning first aid incidents not as random events but as embedded in the spatial and temporal ordering of social practices and social life. The project is designed to generate further understanding of the social organisation of help and what this means for those involved in developing and providing first aid training.
Deadline for applications: 9th February 2018