16 de febrero de 2018

Call for applications for postdoctoral fellowships at the UOC (Barcelona)

The  Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Research and Innovation Committee has agreed to publish a call for applications for four places for three-year postdoctoral research fellowships. The positions are open to postdoctoral teaching and research staff in any of the fields of study at the University and its research centres – the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and the eLearn Center (eLC).

The deadline for applications, as indicated in the terms and conditions, is 4th March 2018.

As applicants need to be endorsed by a research group, we are seeking candidates who are interested in joining our research group CareNet at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3). The goal of CareNet is to understand the impact of technologies, particularly ICT, on the social and cultural reconfiguration of care and preparedness in the network society. This interest is built upon our interdisciplinary background in Science and Technology Studies (STS), Disability Studies, Digital Sociology and Social Psychology.

Our main current research lines are:
  1. Technological and social innovations for later life and independent living.
  2. The reconfiguration of care in the context of crisis: concerned and self-help groups, technoscientific activism, mutual support and communities of care.   
  3. Urban infrastructures of care: Socio-spatial relations of labour, care and the body.
  4. Disability, gender and sexuality.
  5. Social Studies of Emergencies, Crisis and Disasters.
  6. Sensing technologies, public awareness and participation.

For more details about the research group and these lines, have a look at this web.

If you are interested in submitting a research proposal to this grant and join our group, please send a motivation letter, a CV including list of publications, and a statement on current and future research interests by email to Israel Rodríguez (irodriguezgir@uoc.edu) or Daniel López (dlopezgo@uoc.edu) by the 26th February 2018.