9 de marzo de 2018

CfP: Women in Sciences: Historiography of Science and History of Science – Special Issue on the Work of Women in Sciences (Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science)

Women in Sciences:
Historiography of Science and History of Science – Special Issue on the Work of Women in Sciences and Philosophy

• Special Issue Guest Editors:
Dr. Andrea Reichenberger, Paderborn University – Center for the History of Women Philosophers & Scientists, Paderborn, Germany
Prof. Moema Vergara, Museum of Astronomy – Mast, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Research into the history of women philosophers and scientists has long been neglected. Especially, the historiography of the 19th and 20th century has tended to exclude, marginalize and trivialize women’s contribution to scientific issues, problems and developments.
There is currently a movement toward correcting this historical bias. The past twenty-five years have seen an explosion of a re-reading and re-forming of the historiography of science, by integrating women into it.
Our aim is to approach this task by rethinking the questions through which the history of science has been structured up to the present day, bringing into the dialogue multiple perspectives and different disciplines. We strive to do so by a reassessment as based on women’s writings. The close-up of such findings demands archival research, evaluation of correspondences and reviews of citation cultures within past and contemporary science as well as an overall analysis of the historiography produced about the women in science.
We are expecting to receive submissions related to problem-orientated discussions, and reflections on methods and modeling in integrating women into the historiography of sciences. We invite contributions placing women at the forefront and confirming their role in the production of modern scientific and technical knowledge and its philosophical foundation. We especially welcome papers on the question of how women’s studies impacted on the traditional history of scientific values and approaches.

• Language: English

• Abstract–proposal: June 30th, 2018 
Peer-reviewed proposal submission: Two pages, free editing: Title, Name, Affiliation, Email, Keywords + references list, all within two pages maximum.
• Acceptance/rejected blind peer-reviewed abstract–proposal: July 30th, 2018
• Full peer-reviewed paper submission: January 30th, 2019
• Publication: June 2019
All submitted papers, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be peer–reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the content, editing and English) prior to submission to this Transversal Special Issue.
For submission details, please, visit Author Guidelines


Prof. Mauro L. Condé, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Prof. Marlon J. Salomon, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil.