6 de abril de 2018

CfA: Bucharest-Princeton Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy and Science (17th edition)

Invited speakers include: Arianna Borrelli (TU, Berlin), Antonio Clericuzio (Roma Tre), Daniel Garber (Princeton), Dana Jalobeanu (Bucharest), Arnaud Pelletier (Bruxelles), Koen Vermeir (Paris).
The Bucharest-Princeton Seminar is an annual interdisciplinary meeting of scholars and students of early modern thought. Its aim is to create a stimulating environment for discussing papers and ideas through formal and informal discussions, reading-groups and round tables. Morning sessions are organized as reading groups, while the afternoon sessions give participants an opportunity to discuss their own special interests with an open and sympathetic audience of students and scholars with broad interests in early modern philosophy and early modern science. Texts for the reading groups are distributed one month in advance. There is no pre-established theme, but we are looking for contributions emphasizing the interplay between early modern philosophy and the “sciences” of the seventeenth century.
The process of selection: Please send us your proposal by April 30, 2018 (CV, letter of intention and a short description of your project). If you want to present a paper, add an abstract (max 500 words); if you want to propose a reading group, send a 1000 words description (including the proposed bibliography) to dana.jalobeanu@filosofie.unibuc.ro.
This year, the seminar will take place in Bran, a small resort near Brasov, in Transylvania. We will travel together from Bucharest to Bran by bus. Participants are expected to arrive in Bucharest on June 27 and leave on July 5. In Bran, the group will be accommodated together, in Villa Andra (single and double rooms, some shared bathrooms). For more information concerning the venue, accommodation and costs, please contact: dana.jalobeanu@filosofie.unibuc.ro .
Organizers: The research center Foundations of Early Modern Thought, University of Bucharest, Department of Philosophy, Princeton University, Institute for Research in the Humanities, ICUB, The research project (PNIII- P4-ID- PCE 2016-0228): The emergence of mathematical physics in the context of experimental philosophy.