3 de abril de 2018

Medical History - April 2018 Issue Out Now

The new issue of Medical History (Volume 62 / Issue 2, April 2018) is out now. The issue features the following articles:
*Jonathan Barry - The ‘Compleat Physician’ and Experimentation in Medicines: Everard Maynwaring (c.1629–1713) and the Restoration Debate on Medical Practice in London (Open Access)
*Elise Juzda Smith - ‘Cleanse or Die’: British Naval Hygiene in the Age of Steam, 1840–1900 (Open Access)
*James E. Bennett and Chris Brickell - Surveilling the Mind and Body: Medicalising and De-medicalising Homosexuality in 1970s New Zealand
*Louis Dwyer-Hemmings - ‘A Wicked Operation’? Tonsillectomy in Twentieth-Century Britain

Further information is available via Medical History's website: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/medical-history/latest-issue