6 de abril de 2018

"Science in Film and the Deficit Model" Science in Context

Guest edited by Fernando Vidal and Carlos Tabernero

Fernando Vidal
Introduction: From “The Popularization of Science through Film” to “The Public Understanding of Science”

Eleanor Louson
Taking Spectacle Seriously: Wildlife Film and the Legacy of Natural History Display

Felicity Mellor
Configuring Epistemic Authority: the Significance of Film Style in Documentaries about Science

Carlos Tabernero
The Changing Nature of Modernization Discourses in Documentary Films

David A. Kirby
Harnessing the Persuasive Power of Narrative: Science, Storytelling, and Movie Censorship, 1930–1968

Kirsten Ostherr
The Shifting Aesthetics of Expertise in the Sharing Economy of Scientific Medicine

Fernando Vidal
Accuracy, Authenticity, Fidelity: Aesthetic Realism, the “Deficit Model,” and the Public Understanding of Science