18 de mayo de 2018

Call for applications: CSH Fellow (postdoc, University of Bern, 16.7.2018)

The Center for Space and Habitability (CSH) at the University of Bern, Switzerland, invites applications for a CSH Fellow in Philosophy of Science, to be filled on 1st September 2018 or later. The CSH Fellow is expected to be an independent postdoctoral researcher, who will carry out their own early-career research program that is broadly consistent with CSH interests. In addition to research, we expect the CSH Fellow to take on leadership roles in the intellectual life of the CSH, including leading coffee/lunch discussions, journal clubs, inviting and hosting seminar/colloquium speakers, etc. 

For this position, we are interested in applicants with expertise in philosophy of science. The successful applicant will carry out research in philosophy of science (either in general philosophy of science, or in the philosophy of a discipline represented at the CSH, in particular of physics or biology). The research topic need not be closely related to the key topics of the CSH (e.g., origins of life, search for life, planetary science), although this is an advantage. It is in any case important that the research of the CSH Fellow allows for fruitful exchange with the scientists from the CSH. The applicant is also expected to lead an interdisciplinary program designed to explore the exchange of ideas between philosophers and scientists. He/she will divide his/her time equally between the CSH and the Institute for Philosophy at the University of Bern. 

Each CSH Fellowship is held for 2+1 years at the University of Bern and comes with an annual 5000 CHF research budget. The annual salary is between 85,000 and 95,000 CHF, depending on experience (years after Ph.D) and is set by a predetermined matrix from the University and Canton of Bern. Child allowance and maternity/paternity leave are offered. 

Each prospective candidate will submit a research proposal with a maximum length of 5 pages. The candidate will use a maximum of 2 pages to explain her/his existing expertise and projects performed either during the Ph.D or last postdoctoral position. The rest of the proposal (minimum 2 pages) should describe the future research to be pursued at the CSH, including the key questions addressed and the expected exchange with the CSH scientists. Additional application materials include a 2-page CV, a list of publications (no page limit) and a cover letter (1 page) listing the names of 3 referees/references. The entire application should be submitted as a SINGLE PDF FILE to CSH Director Kevin Heng (kevin.heng ‘at’ csh.unibe.ch) and to Claus Beisbart from the Institute for Philosophy (claus.beisbart ‘at’ philo.unibe.ch). It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that three letters of recommendation are sent directly to CSH Secretary Danielle Zemp (danielle.zemp ‘at’ csh.unibe.ch) by the application deadline of 16th July 2018. 

Shortlisted candidates will be informed by 6th August 2018, and will be invited to Bern, Switzerland, for talks and/or interviews. We expect to extend formal offers by 20th August 2018. 

Please consult the CSH website (http://www.csh.unibe.ch) for details about the CSH. Questions should be addressed to Claus Beisbart (claus.beisbart ‘at’ philo.unibe.ch).