9 de mayo de 2018

IDTC grants to XI ICHSSE in Brazil and IDTC Symposium in ESHS 2018 Conference in UK

The Inter-Divisional Teaching Commission (IDTC) will provide a grant of € 300 to individuals which intend to participate as audience at the Co-IDTC XI ICHSSE (Brazil) or at the IDTC Symposium in the European Society for the History of Science Biennial Conference, UK. 
Please see details below. Only one (1) Grant as 300 euros una tantum, for each event.

We encourage the participation of PhD students at all stages of their research and young Scholars and/or PhD candidates.
Apply to the grant at https://www.idtc-iuhps.com/ 
2018, 23h59, June 25th

Announcement, via email to the Winner only
2018, 30th, June 30th