4 de mayo de 2018

Notes & Records special issue

Just published online: 'Expectations and utility in eighteenth-century knowledge economies' edited and with an introduction by Larry Stewart & Kelly J. Whitmer. Formed of four articles which are free to access for a short period here: http://rsnr.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/72/2?current-issue=y

'Deprogramming Baconianism: The meaning of desiderata in the eighteenth century' by Vera Keller

'Projects and pedagogical expectations: Inside P. J. Marperger's ‘golden clover leaf’ (Trifolium), 1700–1730' by Kelly J. Whitmer

'Experimentation in the agricultural Enlightenment Place, profit and norms of knowledge-making in eighteenth-century Germany' by Denise Phillips

'What is a useful university? knowledge economies and higher education in late eighteenth-century Denmark and central Europe' by Dominik Hünniger