CfP: Science as a Public Good - deadline October 15,2019

The Second Congress of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science (RSHPS)
  September 25-27, 2020, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The Organizing Committee cordially invites historians, philosophers and all scientists interested in HPS to participate in the Second Congress of Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science (RSHPS)  Science as a Public Good  on September 25-27, 2020, in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The Congress is organized by the Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science and Saint Petersburg State University.

Organizing Committee:

I. T. Kasavin (Head), D.A. Bayuk, V.A. Bazhanov, I.N. Griftzova, T.G. Leshkevitch, I.D. Nevvazhai, V.Yu. Perov,  A.V. Rodin, A.Yu. Sevalnikov, E.E. Chebotareva (Secretary), E.O. Trufanova, V.E.Terekhovich, G.L. Tulchinsky, M.M. Shakhnovich, L.V. Shipovalova

Program Committee:

S.I. Dudnik (Head), I.T. Kasavin, V.A. Lektorsky, V.I. Markin, V.V. Mironov, V.N. Porus, B.I. Prushinin, I.E. Sirotkina, V.A, Surovtsev, V.V. Tselishchev

The Congress covers all areas of HPS. With the theme “Science as a Public Good” the Second Congress of RSHPS will emphasise current societal issues of relationships between philosophical, scientific, technological research as well as a historical perspective on these issues. Among them are the relevance of scientific activities to significant public purposes, the place and role of scientific expertise in topical public discussions, the ability of scientific knowledge to respond to the most important challenges of our time. 

For more information about the RSHPS and the Congress see its official website ( ).

The working languages of the Congress are Russian and English
Registration and Conference Fee : 
Early-bird Registration: 1000 Russian Rubles (regular) and 500 Russian Rubles (for students); 
Late Registration: 1500 Russian Rubles (regular) and 750 Russian Rubles (for students).
The fee covers coffee breaks, welcoming party and Russian visa support.
Modalities of registration and payment of the registration fee will be published on the Congress website and communicated to contributors by December 1, 2019. 

Potential contributors are asked to send abstracts up to 10 000 character or up to 1500 words by October 15, 2019 to congress20 (at) rshps (dot) org as attachments in RTF or DOC format (or PDF in case of complex formulas and graphs). In the beginning of the abstract please specify your full name, affiliation, email and the name of section or round table where you prefer to present your paper. Then follows a short abstract (up to 100 words) and the main body of your submission. Please use endnotes rather than footnotes.

Please note that each person (or group) may submit only 1 abstract. Accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to offer a contributor to deliver a plenary or section talk, participate in a round table or make a poster presentation. Abstracts must be original and must not be or have been published or presented at any other meeting prior to the Congress. 
Important dates:

Dates of the Conference:                                                     September 25-27, 2020

Deadline for Abstract Submission:                                    October 15, 2019 

Notification of Acceptance:                                                 December 1, 2019

Early-bird Registration ends:                                             December 31, 2019

Late Registration ends:                                                                March 1, 2020


History and Philosophy of Mathematics 
(organizers: V.A. Bazhanov, A.N. Kritchevetz, G.I. Sinkevich).
Philosophical Issues of Natural Sciences 
(organizers: D.A. Bayuk, A.Yu. Sevalnikov, I.S. Dmitriev, A.A. Pechenkin, V.E. Terekhovich).
Philosophy of Mind and Philosophical Problems of Cognitive Science 
(organizers: V.V. Vasiliev, S.M. Levin).
Philosophical Logic (organizers: V.I. Markin, I.B. Mikirtumov).
History and Philosophy of Social Sciences and Humanities 
(organizers: I.E. Sirotkina, G.L. Tulchinsky).
History and Philosophy of Psychology (organisers: V.M. Allakhverdov,  V.F. Petrenko, I.N. Karitsky, N.M. Savchenkova, I.A. Kazakova).
Philosophical Issues of Digital Reality and Information Technologies 
(organizers: T.G. Leshkevich, N. A. Yastreb, E.E. Elkina, and K.A. Ocheretyany).
Rhetoric of Science (organizers: I.N. Griftzova, E.N. Lisaniuk, G.V. Sorina).
History and Philosophy of Science in Russian Tradition 
(organizers: S.S. Ilizarov, A.V. Malinov). 

Round Tables:
Ethics and Normativity in the Context of Modern Science and Technology Transformations (organizers: I.D. Nevvazhai, V.Yu. Perov).
Ethical Issues of Medicine and Biotechnology 
(organizers: E.G. Grebenshchkova, O.V. Popova, P.D. Tischenko, L.P. Churilov).
Science as a Vocation (organizers: I.T. Kasavin, K.S. Pigrov, E.E. Chebotareva).
Science and Religion (organizers: M.S. Kiselyova, M.M. Shakhnovich). 
Science and Art (organizers: A.M. Sergeev, B.G. Sokolov).
Communication in Science Community (organizers: E.O. Trufanova, S.A. Dushina).
Relationships between Science and Society: An Historical and Contemporary Perspective.  (organisers: O.E. Stoliarova, L.V. Shipovalova)
Issues of Teaching the Philosophy of Science and Technology 
(organizers: N.I. Kuznetsova, M.I. Mikeshin)
Logical paradoxes and Contemporary Epistemology 
(organizers: V.A. Surovtsev, Yu.Yu. Chernoskutov).