Videos of presentations from 'Narrative Science in Techno-Environments' workshop now available

videos of the presentations given at the 'Narrative Science in Techno-Environments' workshop are now available online via the Narrative Science project website:

This workshop was made possible thanks to the generous support of a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (grant number BARSEA19\190021). It expanded on the work of the Narrative Science project, a European Research Council funded project based at the London School of Economics (grant agreement No. 694732). It was organised in collaboration with both the British Society for the History of Science and the British Society for Literature and Science.

The scholarly network which this workshop established can be found here:

A list of the videos now available


Videos available, listed in the order they were originally presented

Dominic Berry
Introduction: Narrative science in techno-environments

Ina Linge
Narrating Human-animal Sexual Nature around 1920: Richard Goldschmidt, Magnus Hirschfeld and Hanns Heinz Ewers

Amelie Bonney
Toxic Colours

Louise Coueffe
Botanical Space

Greg Lynall
Reading renewables: Stories of solar power

John Lidwell-Durnin
“Have they remained what they were in Europe?”: narrative, organisms, and environment in explorations of South America

Harriet Ritvo
The Stakes of Species

Saliha Bayir
Microbial Ecology

Ágota Ábrán
Roadside Weeds

João P. R. Joaquim
Cold War Agriculture Museums

Ellie Armstrong

Aadita Chaudhury
Chasing Fires

Mauricio Nicolas Vergara
Avalanches War

Charlotte Sleigh
Sugar in the air: carbon narratives, futures and endings

Animesh Chatterjee
Urban, political and cultural environments in late-19th century Bengali anticolonial representations of electricity

Lachlan Fleetwood
Global Mountains

sam smiley
Ornamentalism: The Migrations and Translations of Japanese Knotweed

Jon Agar
"British Nature was Lost Here, 1964-71": what's at stake when scientists, nature writers and bureaucrats tell stories

Anahita Rouyan
Producing Mutations: Scientific Plant Breeding and Narratives of Nature in the Progressive-Era United States, 1900-1914

Alex Hall
Who speaks for the flood? Exploring agency, expectations and the supernatural in extreme weather events