Call for Submission: 26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology

The Scientific Committee invites and encourages all symposia organisers to submit their symposia proposals for consideration and inclusion in the Scientific Programme.

Instructions for symposia organisers

Submission rules

  • A symposium should be organized by at least two persons based in different countries.
  • Each symposium proposal has to consist of  4 talks (proposals consisting of 3 or of  5 and more talks cannot be accepted).
  • At least 3 of the talks should not include the organizers as authors.
  • It is possible to organize a symposium consisting of more than 4 talks.
    • In that case divide the symposium to parts consisting of 4 talks and submit each of these parts as a separate symposium proposal (each part must consist of 4 talks).
    • Titles of parts of a symposium should be as follows: “Symposium_title - Part 1/number_of_parts”, “Symposium_title - Part 2/number_of_parts”, etc.
    • In addition, write a number of parts of you symposium in the overall abstract of the symposium.

How to submit a Symposium proposal

  • First a symposium organiser submits an overall abstract of a symposium.
    • An overall abstract of a symposium has to be submitted by a main organizer of the symposium.
    • Submit an overall abstract of a symposium using an on-line submission form that is available in your User zone.
    • After logging in click the link “Contribution list - add a new contribution” that is on a homepage of your User zone.
  • The next step is submission of abstracts of talks included in the proposal.
    • Each speaker is expected to submit his/her abstract himself/herself.
Immediately after overall abstract is submitted, a symposium organiser will receive a confirmation of submission. Within 2 days a symposium organiser will receive an e-mail containing instructions for speakers who are giving talks in the symposium.


Please find the list of important dates here.