Picturing health using tropical medicine (20th and 21th centuries

The Symposium here proposed deals with the history of tropical medicine from the point of view of the social, political and environmental determinants of diseases now considered “neglected”. Illustrations on these diseases, the people who suffer from them and the people who study and confront them require cross perspectives combining not only disciplines such as entomology, parasitology, ecology, geography etc., but also visual and written testimonies and physical devices or tools used for the study and representation of natural, social and medical phenomena.
Conventional narratives about the history of tropical medicine emphasize the North Atlantic axis, in other words, contributions pertaining mainly to Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States. The Symposium hopes to stress the importance of South-South interactions or what nowadays is called the Global South, still underestimated in narratives that consider countries of the northern hemisphere as “centres” of knowledge production that ‘irradiate’ to other parts of the globe.
Presentations must show clearly how these narratives may be recovered through scientific, medical and other artefacts that depicts perceptions of patients, diseases, their vectors, parasites and environments and their social and political meanings in different historical and geographical contexts.
We invite potential contributors to show how photographs, scientific publications, medical records and graphs, advertising and teaching materials, posters, travel manuals, political, scientific and medical discourses were used in different historical, geographical and cultural contexts to illustrate neglected diseases.
Literature cited:

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The symposium will be divided into sessions covering specific topics with papers of ca. 20 minutes. Please send your proposal with the following information.
Deadline – 13 December 2019

1. Title
2. Author(s) (full name(s), academic title, institution, address,
email and a short biographical note of max.150 words). In case of
multiple authors the first author should be the presenting and
corresponding author.
3. Abstract (max. 300 words, including possible references)
4. Keywords (3)

Symposium proposal in preparation for the ESHS 2020 bi-annual meeting in Bologna