CfP: History and Foundations of Physics | Springer Book Series

  • History of Physics;
  • History and epistemology of science;
  • Historical epistemology of science;
  • Historiography of Physics/Mathematics;
  • Foundations of Science;
  • [Classical & Modern] Physics/Mathematics/Astronomy & related to Chemistry, Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology

  • Mainly: New essays in History of Physics ranging across the entire field and related in most instance to the works of Salvo D'Agostino, one of the main field's scholars since the second half of the past century. All mechanisms are mechanisms of a phenomenon? A phenomenon is an observable measurable fact, including data modelling, assumptions/laws. A mechanical phenomenon is associated to equilibrium/motion. What about in thermodynamics, electromagnetism and modern physics with respect to the ideas within cultures and lives? In the past, mechanics/mechanisms basically assumed planetary and terrestrial motions. Then, it devoted to understanding of causations of disequilibrium (shocking, gravitational, attraction/repulsion, etc.) until apparent incoherence from Quantum Mechanics and Relativities. The book analyse Phenomena, Ideas & Mechanisms both as regular changes/interaction and in the framework of irregular cases of modern physics. Implications & limits will be explored.
  • Title: A History of Physics: Phenomena, Ideas & Mechanisms – Essays in Honor of Salvo D'Agostino
  • Guest Editor: Raffaele Pisano (Lille University, France) 
  • Springer Book Series: History of Mechanism and Machine Science
  • Foreword: by a distinguished scholar on the subject
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • Remarks for Reader
  • Introduction: by Guest Editor
  • Part I.  Remembering Salvo D'Agostino. Life & Career in the History of Physics: by few invited scholars
  • Part II. History of Physics Essays in Electromagnetism, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
  • Part III. Essays in History of: Physics/Mathematics/Astronomy & related to Chemistry, Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology
  • Epilogue: by a distinguished scholar on the subject
  • References
  • Index
  • Editing: Author Guidelines | in order, please write to Raffaele Pisano
  • Language: English [eventual original non–English language should be moved in the footnotes]
  • Outcome expected: 2023
  • Fees: No
  • Criteria: all submitted papers, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be blind peer–reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the contents, editing and English) prior to submission. The papers not adequately written according to guidelines, even if its abstract-proposal was regularly accepted, then they can be finally rejected by editors.

  • Abstract–proposal: (in English) peer-reviewed proposal submission: 2020, Dec. 15th [Free editing: Title, Name, Affiliation, Email, Keywords + references list + your choice if Part II or III as above cited; all within two (2) pages maximum]. Please send to Raffaele Pisano
  • Acceptance/rejected: abstract–proposal: 2021, January 15th
  • Full (edited) paper submission: 2022, January 15th  [Please send to Raffaele Pisano]
  • Peer-review evaluation processus: 2022, January 16th –   2022, March 15th  
  • Publication: expected 2023