Collaborative PhD Studentship 'Maritime Migrations: Transfers and Displacements in Britain’s and Australia’s Nineteenth-century Exchange'

University Bristol/University of Southampton/SS Great Britain Trust/AHRC Collaborative PhD studentship:            Maritime Migrations: Transfers and Displacements in Britain’s and Australia’s Nineteenth-century Exchange 

Application deadline: Monday 25th January 2021

This project examines the role played by empires, oceans, and trans-national maritime networks in laying the foundations for modern processes of globalisation, deploying a range of methods and approaches from within and beyond the discipline of History. The student will examine how intersections between maritime networks, markets and states shaped migratory transfers and displacements between Britain and Australia in the nineteenth century. Research will be grounded in the collections of the SS Great Britain Trust. The project seeks to overcome the ‘blue hole’ – the often absent factor of maritime forces – in our historical understanding of the ways in which populations, commodities, markets and ecosystems interacted with and confronted one another. Candidates are encouraged to interrogate the ways in which maritime agents – ship owners, brokers, recruiters, global merchants – worked to influence migratory transfer of people, markets in material goods, flora, fauna and ecosystems, and/or symbiosis among these. 

This studentship is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council through the South, West & Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (SWW DTP). It is co-supervised by Prof. Simon J. Potter, University of Bristol and Dr John McAleer, University of Southampton in partnership with Dr James Boyd, SS Great Britain Trust. 

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