Past Caring: New podcast on the history of nursing

The Royal College of Nursing Library and Archive has just launched Past Caring, a new podcast series about the history of nursing.

Each episode takes inspiration from RCN Library and Archive exhibitions exploring topics such as women’s health, myths about nursing, and learning disability nursing. 

The first episode takes a timely look at the history of infectious diseases and what we can learn from past responses to “Spanish” flu, HIV and Ebola when tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests including RCN lead for infection prevention and control Rose Gallagher, historian Mark Honigsbaum and artist Mary Beth Heffernan discussing pandemic responses, nursing on the frontline of HIV, and creative ways to humanise health care during a crisis.

· Past Caring is available on most podcast platforms. Listen to the first episode on Soundcloud here or subscribe to the series on Apple Podcasts.