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One of the unexpected political novelties of the Third Millennium is the growing questioning of democracy as an instrument of civil prosperity and as a regime able to guarantee not only social peace but also the guarantee and equal redistribution of rights and duties in the political community. On the other hand, the same democratic institutions are at the core of a dynamic of delegitimization that has had a worrying escalation in the recent events of Capitol Hill.

In recent years, there has been no shortage of interpretations, both descriptive and normative one, which have often attempted (or hoped) to circumscribe the scope of the democratic phenomenon, to reduce its semantic complexity or simply to demystify its most utopian aspirations. Similarly, encouraged by very determined epistemic communities, on a continental European level as well as on the other side of the Atlantic, research programs have been launched on the History of Political Thought, Political Philosophy, and Law, as well as on empirical indicators useful to measure the “democratic quality”.

The monographic section of the third issue of Power and Democracy is ready to welcome reconstructive contributions to this debate, capable of highlighting its potentialities and critical points. In addition, contributions aimed at identifying the historical antecedents of the various models of democracy will also be welcomed, especially those developed in the seasons of the most vehement intellectual opposition to the premises and promises of democracy.

Deadline for submission: May 10, 2021
Wordcount: 6000 words maximum (including footnotes and reference list).
Papers must be sent to the following address: redazione@poweranddemocracy.it according to the editorial rules indicated here: http://ojs.aduei.com/index.php/pad/norme

Double blind peer review deadline: June 7, 2021
Completion of revised versions of articles: June 21, 2021
Publication Issue 3: July 19, 2021

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Power and Democracy – International Journal of Politics, Philosophy and Law (PaD) is an online, semi-annual, peer-reviewed and open-access scientific publication.

The Journal receives contributions from various disciplinary perspectives on the dynamics that influence the balance of power in a democratic order. It values the centrality of the fundamental rights of the person/individual, with reference to the role of the institutions within a polyarchic and subsidiary paradigm that overcomes the rigid distinction between public and private spheres.

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