Postdoctoral fellowships Sorbonne University / Ecole normale superieure, Paris, on Research Integrity

Two post-doc positions in philosophy of science on research integrity

Sorbonne University and Ecole normale supérieure - Université PSL seek to recruit two postdoctoral researchers to join the interdisciplinary ANR-funded research project CRISP (Addressing the Challenge of Research Integrity in Scientific Practices).


Scientific context 

The research project CRISP aims to explore the conditions at which institutional action and discourse on research integrity can improve research practices, to anticipate their impact on research practices and organization of research, and to propose recommendations. Inquiries carried out in the framework of the project are expected to be sensitive to the actual structure and dynamics of the sciences, academic disciplines, and the nature of everyday research practices, in all their diversity. For more information about CRISP see  

The CRISP project includes philosophers of science and scholars working in behavioral economy, sociology, psychology, law, and philosophy of law. 


Profile of the candidates and description of the position

The successful candidates must have obtained a Ph.D. (or expect to have obtained their Ph.D. by October 2021) in philosophy of science, and show aptitudes for conducting interviews with practicing scientists. 


They are expected to contribute to some of the following subtasks of the CRISP project:

In Task 1 (Mapping research integrity onto the diversity of scientific practices):

-        Identifying relevant differences to better address research integrity challenges 

-        Research integrity challenges raised by Open Science 

-        Image and data processing and practices of authorship 

In Task 2 (Investigating factors that promote integrity in research or favour misconduct)

-        Assessing the limits of empirical studies and causal analysis of cases of scientific misconduct and integrity violations

In Task 3 (Highlighting tensions between scientific integrity principles or rules and ordinary scientific practices)

-        Tensions from an epistemological point of view

See  for more details on these subtasks. 


An international publication list is highly appreciated, and so is a willingness and ability to work in interdisciplinary collaborative research projects.

Language: Knowledge of English is required (advanced level at least). Knowledge of French is not.

Duration: 12 months. Starting date : October 2021.

Salary: on request (depending on the experience of the candidate)

Place: Both post-doc researchers will be based in Paris. One of the recruited postdoc will be affiliated to the laboratory Sciences, Normes, Démocratie / Sorbonne University, and the other one to République des Savoirs / Ecole normale supérieure, under the scientific supervision of Pr. Anouk Barberousse (Sorbonne University) and Pr. Stéphanie Ruphy (Ecole normale supérieure, Université PSL), respectively.

The postdocs are expected to present and discuss their work in the relevant seminars and workshops organized within CRISP.

For informal inquiry, please write to Anouk Barberousse and Stephanie Ruphy


How to apply

Please send (as a single pdf file) before June 10, 2021 at and


- a CV;

- a letter of interest (max 1 page)

- a short research statement/project (max 5 pages): describe how you intend to contribute to the project and to what extent your expertise is well-suited to it. 

- a dissertation chapter that best represents the quality of your work (it needs not be directly linked to the present project); 


Short-listed candidates will be invited no later than June 16 to online interviews (the week of 21 June 2021) conducted by the steering committee of CRISP, and final decisions will be made quickly.