Wellcome 4-year postdoc & PhD studentship with Connecting 3 Worlds project, based at University of Exeter

4-year postdoc (focused on History of Medicine/Health in East Asia in transnational context) and a PhD studentship to join the Wellcome Collaborative Award ‘Connecting Three Worlds: Socialism, Medicine and Global Health After World War II’, led by Prof Dora Vargha, Dr Sarah Marks (Birkbeck, University of London), and Prof Edna Suarez-Diaz (UNAM, Mexico). These positions will be based at University of Exeter. 

Two further postdoctoral positions, on History of Medicine/Health in Africa based at Birkbeck, and History of Medicine/Health in Latin America based between Exeter and UNAM, will be advertised shortly.

Connecting Three Worlds pioneers a new history of global health that, for the first time, incorporates the socialist world: a fluctuating constellation of Eastern European, Asian, Latin American and African countries connected through political ideology, expert networks, economic development and aid, and military interventions in the Cold War. It identifies the particular health cultures produced by socialism (in all its variety) and explores the impact of socialist internationalism in co-producing global health in the 20th century.

We define ‘health’ in its broadest possible terms. Proposals focusing on any or several of the below questions are particularly encouraged: What is the impact of the socialist world on the globalization of public health during the cold war period? How were different versions of socialist public health received, adapted and/or resisted in different local contexts? What was the impact on public health policies of an ever-changing political landscape as social revolutions surged but also were halted and reversed in individual countries and regions?  What is the legacy of socialist models in current practices of global public health?

Successful applicants will work closely with Prof. Vargha and the ‘Connecting Three Worlds’ team in Berlin, London and Mexico City, and will also undertake regular trips (when/if possible) for project meetings, writing retreats and workshops/conferences in Europe, Latin America, East Asia and Africa. They will also be supported and expected to contribute to project-related activities, such as website and social media management and content, event organization, conference and workshop participation and presentation, and research outputs. 

PhD scholarship application deadline 30th Junehttp://www.exeter.ac.uk/studying/funding/award/?id=4146

Postdoctoral Researcher application deadline 24th June:


 Please contact Prof Vargha a with enquiries about these opportunities.