CfP: The Measurement of Discrimination and Inequality (Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics), deadline November 21, 2021

 The Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics invites submissions for a forthcoming special issue devoted to the philosophy and economics of measuring discrimination and inequality


We are especially interested in contributions (4,000–8,000 words) that take an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of philosophy and economics, and we welcome texts by authors from across the disciplinary spectrum.


We invite submissions from the following broad categories of possible (but non-exhaustive) questions:


  • Methodology of economics: What are the (normative and descriptive) assumptions underlying approaches to measuring and measures of discrimination and inequality? What explains the different methodological choices (for measuring discrimination/inequality) by researchers in various fields?
  • Ethics and political philosophy: What kind of inequality and discrimination is morally, or politically, relevant? How should researchers adjudicate among different definitions of discrimination and inequality?
  • Public policy: What are the consequences, broadly construed, of the measurement of discrimination and inequality for policy-making?
  • History of economic thought: What is the history behind approaches to measuring and measures of discrimination and inequality?



Texts should be of standard article length, between 4,000 and 8,000 words.



Texts should be submitted by November 21, 2021.



Submissions will go through our standard peer-review process. Please make a submission through the journal’s standard submission system. The special issue is scheduled for publication in the spring of 2022.



If you have questions, contact the editors at