Durham CfP: Organizing and Disorganizing Knowledge

 How to apply

Please send an abstract of max. 250 words, along with your name, affiliation and title to admin.imems@durham.ac.uk

We hope to attract contributions from scholars working on premodern book cultures from anywhere across the globe, and we hope to organize the conference to facilitate discussions that include comparative and/or connected perspectives.

We invite proposals for papers on the following topics:

The material organization of knowledge

(dictionaries, encyclopaedias, philosophical, scientific, technical, medical or natural-historical texts and libraries, catalogues, taxonomies, storage, margins, rubrics, annotations, indices or tables of contents)

The organization of knowledge about other cultures

(dictionaries, encyclopaedias, etc., and epistemic, cultural, linguistic or religious difference)

The disorganization of knowledge

(the movement, circulation, sale, forgery, theft, or dispersal of knowledge texts or knowledge’s changing meaning as it is appropriated, edited, altered or moved between contexts).