CfP: Scientiae Studies series at Amsterdam UP


Call for Papers: Deadline 31 July, 2021

How to apply

Please send an abstract of max. 250 words, along with your name, affiliation and title to Stefano Gulizia

We are soliciting brief expressions of interest for a collection of papers that come out of our recent annual meeting in Amsterdam as well as full abstracts from scholars working on the two overarching themes underlined below. Our goal is to connect prospective authors with opportunities within our book series, which now has one title in print (Making Truth in Early Modern Catholicism, 2021) and three more in production.

We invite proposals for papers on the two following topics:

“Scholarly Enclosures” (e.g. libraries as a space of knowledge; travel, indexing, and storage; self-fashioning and scholarly personae; note-taking; cross-cultural encounters)

“Alchemical Boundaries” (e.g. corpuscular philosophies; paper and everyday knowledge; magic, medicine, and theology; natural observations; alchemy and universities)