CfP: BJHS Themes special edition: The magic lantern at the turn of the century

Contributions are invited to a special edition of the British Journal for the History of Science , BJHS Themes about the magic lantern at the turn of the century.

This projected special issue will be dedicated to historical and philosophical interpretations of the medium of the magic lantern and its uses in knowledge making in popular and scientific discursive and disciplinary communities in the long nineteenth century and early twentieth century. 

Papers might attend to the technology's agency in:
  • instrumentalizing and nurturing communities and disciplines
  • forging images and imaginariesk and engendering languages
  • broadcasting and mobilising forms of knowledge
  • transforming and corrupting knowledge and knowledge makers and learners 
  • rescaling, repositioning, occluding and dissolving perceptions and conceptions
  • structuring scientific experiments, narratives and scientific claims
  • legitimizing theories and practices
  • fashioning media and materials 
  • transfiguring concepts and experiences of space and time

International contributors and papers dealing with a range of locations and scales of knowledge making with the lantern are encouraged. English language assistance can be provided as necessary.

Prospective contributors are welcome to get in touch for more information about this project. Please email Emily Hayes .

The co-editors of the volume are Dr Emily Hayes (Oxford Brookes University, U.K.) and Prof. Frank E. Kessler (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) We would aim to submit an outline of the proposed issue by the 1st of July 2022 (for possible publication in 2024). Further details can be found here: