CfA: Technology in Human and Nonhuman Animals

Technology in Human and Nonhuman Animals is a one day PG led interdisciplinary conference on the use and production of tools and our relationship with them, in both human and nonhuman animals. It will take place on Friday the 10th of June in Durham, UK. The conference is co-organised by Marco Pavanini, Elena Collaro, Alessandro Armigliato and Inga Hamilton, doctoral students in Philosophy, Evolutionary Anthropology, Archaeology and Arts and Creative Industries (Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland). The event is sponsored by AHRC Northern Bridge Consortium and the MLAC Department at Durham University.

The event will be open to the general public, there is no conference fee but registration is required to attend.

In consideration of the conference’s transdisciplinary aim, we encourage researchers from all disciplines and backgrounds to answer our call, and especially welcome contributions coming from doctoral students and early career scholars. We seek abstracts covering, but not limited to, the following topics:
– Tool use, social learning and cultural transmission in comparative ethology

– Primate archaeology and evolutionary anthropology

– Material culture studies and cognitive archaeology

– Niche construction theory and the extended evolutionary synthesis

– Technology and cognition

– Theories of the extended mind

– Philosophies and anthropologies of technology

– Science and technology studies and feminist epistemology

– Transcultural theories of technology

– The relationship between humans, animals and technologies in world literature and the fine arts

How to Apply

Please send your 350-words abstract, suitable for a 15-minutes presentation, together with a short bio to Elana Collaro and Marco Pavanini within 02/05/2022. The outcome of the selection process will be notified to the authors within 09/05/2022. You will not need to submit a full paper to present at the conference. Please note that although we are planning this to be a face-to-face event, we may have to switch to an online format in accordance with pandemic-related health advice and restrictions.

Contact Info: Inga Hamilton (She/Her/Hers), PhD Researcher, University of Sunderland, Blending the Spaces Between Species