1 de abril de 2022

CfP: FOOD, NUTRITION AND EDUCATION - Special thematic area for Global Educator

We are now inviting papers for our forthcoming Vol. 3. Issue 1, 2022 focusing on the theme of “FOOD, NUTRITION AND EDUCATION”, which is scheduled to be published June 2022. Last date of Submission will be 31 May 2022.

Food, nutrition and their relationship to educational quality and outcomes is vital. We know that undernourished children, if they do attend school, perform poorly. The quality of nutrition has also become significant; overweight and obese children with a diet high in saturated fats, sugar and excessive carbohydrates face adolescent growth and educational challenges. In this special issue of Global Educator we invite contributions that explore the issues, problems and debates around food and nutrition and its relationship to schooling in the developing world. Contributions should be theoretically informed, but also insightful with practical examples emphasizing your arguments.

The Editors invite submissions of Feature Articles around 2000- 6000 words, Reflections from the Field (1000 words), Squaring the Circle focusing on a topical issue (500- 1000 words), Reviews (500-1000 words) and Controversy Corner, (just as it sounds 500- 1000 words). Contributors should refer to the referencing guide.

For more information email the chief editor or contact the editorial team.

Contact Info: Chief Editor for Global Educator: Dr Arthur Stuart Firkins