7 de mayo de 2022

Novedad bibliográfica: The Gastronomical Arts in Spain: Food and Etiquette

Edited by Frederick A. de Armas and James Mandrell.

The Gastronomical Arts in Spain includes essays that span from the medieval to the contemporary world, providing a taste of the many ways in which the art of gastronomy developed in Spain over time. This collection encompasses a series of cultural objects and a number of interests, ranging from medicine to science, from meals to banquets, and from specific recipes to cookbooks.

The contributors consider Spanish cuisine as presented in a variety of texts, including literature, medical and dietary prescriptions, historical documents, co
okbooks, and periodicals. They draw on literary texts in their socio-historical context in order to explore concerns related to the production and consumption of food for reasons of hunger, sustenance, health, and even gluttony.

Structured into three distinct "courses" that focus on the history of foodstuffs, food etiquette, and culinary fashion, The Gastronomical Arts in Spain brings together the many sights and sounds of the Spanish kitchen throughout the centuries.


First Course: Foodstuffs

1. Divine Food: Making and Tasting Honey in the Cantigas de Santa Maria
Ryan Giles

2. European Perspectives on the Olla Podrida and Other Early Modern Spanish Fare
Carolyn Nadeau

3. The Politics of the Origins of Maize
John Slater

Second Course: What to Eat and How

4. Dietetic Prescriptions for the Ruling Elite of the Kingdom of Navarra during the First Half of the Sixteenth Century: The Cases of Juan Rena and Juan de Alarcón
Fernando Serrano Larráyoz

5. Etiquette on the Stage: Spanish Renaissance Theatre and the History of Manners
Julio Vélez-Sainz

6. Celestial and Transgressive Banquets in the Theatre of the Spanish Golden Age
Frederick A. de Armas

Third Course: Modern Appetites and Culinary Fashions

7. Extravagant Appetites, Hunger, and Identity: Food in Bourbon Spain
James Mandrell

8. The Representation of Gastronomy and Urbanity in the Journalistic Articles of Mariano José de Larra (1808–1837): Analysis of a Modern Perspective
Íñigo Sánchez-Llama

9. The Meaning of Meals in Galdós’s El amigo Manso
Dorota Heneghan

10. The Palate of Memory: Gastronomy and Cultural Criticism in Manuel Vásquez Montalbán
José Colmeiro