CfP: Video-Games as a Challenge to Academia: 50 Years of the Gaming Industry

Five decades after Magnavox Odyssey, the first home gaming console, came to market, and five decades after the founding of Atari, the second international Video Game Studies conference (SVI), titled Video-Games as a Challenge to Academia: 50 Years of the Gaming Industry, aims to examine various aspects and links between the gaming industry, video-game scholarship and criticism. The aim of such a conceptualisation is to open a dialogue between the gaming industry and the academe, and foster an understanding of their sometimes diverging goals and interests. Such a dialogue revolves around several key questions:
  • What can scholarship, without giving up on critical thinking, offer the industry, and vice versa?
  • Can the industry survive its crises alone, and should scholarship lend a hand?
  • Can academia remain separate from the industry?
  • Finally, is the market changing gaming, or is gaming conquering the marketplace?
The conference is organised into three broad thematic sections dedicated to exploring the relations between video games, industry, academia and criticism.

Abstracts of up to 300 words, with up to 5 keywords before September 15th, 2022 should be sent to

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The University of Novi Sad, Academy of Arts, The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology,
and Serbian Games Association (SGA).