FINO CALL 2022 18 PhD positions in Philosophy (16 Scholarships)

Call for applications to the FINO PhD Philosophy Consortium: 16 PhD scholarships in all fields of philosophy are available (see the link below for further info), and our research group would be glad to receive applications from young scholars interested in analytic philosophy (broadly construed).

DEADLINE: July 22.

What we offer:

- the FINO PhD Consortium offers an outstanding 3 years program including a common core of teaching activities (in English);

- our group is part of one of the leading Philosophy Departments in Italy, which provides a vibrant environment and outstanding infrastructural support (starting from the new Departmental Library);

- we promote fruitful research interactions with other areas (particularly, but not exclusively, with history of science) and connections with leading international research centers;

- our research group has strong connections with the interdisciplinary research center LLC (;

- our research group is characterized by a friendly, supportive and committed atmosphere (which may be very important when you settle in a new country), and proposes a series of standard activities (e.g., the Reading Group, WiP sessions) along with specific international events;

- if required, we would be glad to assist applicants in the preparation of their proposal;

What we are looking for:

- research proposals focused on topics in analytic philosophy, with emphasis on philosophy of language/mind (philosophy of literature, philosophy of perception, ontology, formal semantics) and philosophy of science/logic (general philosophy of science, (formal) epistemology, philosophy of logic and formal logic, conditionals, philosophy of mathematics);

If you have any questions, feel free to email Matteo Plebani.