CfP: Gender and Intersectionality in Science, Technology, and Medicine: Historical Perspectives

Gender and Intersectionality in Science, Technology, and Medicine: Historical Perspectives. University of Granada, Spain, 2–3 June 2023

International Conference of the Commission on Women and Gender of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine

We invite proposals for organized sessions and individual presentations that engage with the theme, “Gender and Intersectionality in Science, Technology, and Medicine: Historical Perspectives.”

We encourage proposals that interrogate the multi-agent histories of women, gender and sexuality in science, technology and medicine, with particular attention to the roles played by constructions of race/ethnicity, class and further social categories that impacted personal and professional lives in a range of geographical and temporal contexts.

Historiographical traditions in studies of women and gender in science, technology, and medicine have offered analytical frameworks of individual careers, networks of people, and material objects and ideas to promote a more inclusive history of science, technology and medicine. Through this conference, we seek to interrogate the extent to which the concept of intersectionality aligns with contemporary ethos and efforts toward inclusive scholarships in the historiographies of gender, women and sexuality in science, technology and medicine. We especially encourage proposals that consider institutional and geographical contexts beyond the academies of the North/West, in medical, government, NGO, civic, industrial, and corporate institutions. We encourage situated analytical approaches and methodologies with a particular focus on feminist activism, bodies, affect/emotions, queer identities, human-animal studies and ecosocialities among other themes.

We welcome proposals from doctoral students and early career scholars within five years of receiving degrees, for whom limited travel funding will be available.

The deadline for submitting organised sessions and individual presentations is January 31, 2023 

For further details on submissions, please visit the Commission on Women and Gender in History of Science, Technology and Medicine webpage

For further questions, please contact Andrea Nuñez and María Jesús Santesmases.