CfP: Can Technology Save the Planet? - CETE-P Workshop - Prague, 5 September 2023

Institute of Philosophy - Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, 5 September, 2023

Keynote speakers: Vincent Blok (Wageningen University) and Leonnie Bossert (University of Tübingen)

Usually, technology ethics is not informed by environmental ethics and vice versa. But many ethical reflections on climate change, sustainability, Anthropocene, artificial intelligence (AI), or robotics could be enriched if these fields considered each other’s work. To do this is especially important today, when urgent global issues crystallize around these topics and all intellectual resources are needed to tackle them. The one-day workshop, situated on the nexus environmental ethics and technology ethics, aims to bring together philosophers from both fields to think about AI and climate change and related topics on these interesting crossroads, borders, and bridges. 

We invite contributions representing a broad variety of philosophical approaches, methods, and directions, and welcome philosophers who can make links to other fields such as science and technology studies, political theory, and science and engineering.

Possible topics:
- Human agency and technology at the age of Anthropocene
- Technology and the prospects of the post-Anthropocene world
- Earth-bound vs cosmic perspectives on the Anthropocene
- Disruptive technologies and a threat of planetary destruction
- The ethical ramifications of AI’s impact on nonhuman animals
- Including both natural and artificial agents in the body politics
- Revising the concept of the common good in the face of climate crisis
- AI’s potential to exacerbate, or, alternatively, to help mitigate climate change
- AI’s role in achieving climate justice
- Alternatives to liberalism in the post-Anthropocene world

Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2023

Accepted submission will be notified by the end of June.

The submission (prepared for blind review) should include the title and a 400-600 word abstract of a paper suitable for a 20 minute presentation with 15 minutes of discussion. 

In addition, please prepare a cover sheet with the following information: 
• Paper title
• Author’s full name
• Author’s institutional affiliation
• Author’s email address

Submissions and any questions should be directed to Tomas Hribek.