CfP: History of Media Studies

History of Media Studies is a peer-reviewed, scholar-run, diamond OA journal dedicated to scholarship on the history of research, education, and reflective knowledge about media and communication—as expressed through academic institutions; through commercial, governmental, and non-governmental organizations; and through “alter-traditions” of thought and practice often excluded from the academic mainstream. The journal publishes high-quality, original articles, reviews, and commentary on the history of this inter- and extra-disciplinary area as it has intersected with other fields in the social sciences and humanities—and with social practices beyond the academy.

We encourage submissions in any one of our formats, in either Spanish or English:

We are committed to a humane, care-based, and developmental review process, with the goal to improve manuscripts through collegial exchange.

The journal is published by, a scholar-led, no-fee nonprofit publisher established in 2019. The journal is edited by three established scholars in the history of media and communication studies field: David W. Park, Peter Simonson, and Jefferson Pooley. See our launch editorial (versión en español).

The journal’s Editorial Board includes scholars from nearly all continents and regions, with the aim to broaden the field’s traditional scope.

The journal is affiliated with (1) the Working Group on the History of Media Studies; and (2) the History of Media Studies Newsletter.