CfP: HoST – Journal of History of Science and Technology: Call for 2 thematic dossiers to be published in 2025 (submission of proposals 20 January 2024)

HoST encourages submissions of original historical research exploring the cultural, social and political dimensions of science, technology, and medicine (STM), both from a local and a global perspective.

Past thematic issues have dealt with topics as diverse as circulation, science communication, natural history, or the relation between science, technology and politics. Future issues might deal with both established and emerging areas of scholarship. The editors of HoST are looking for proposals for two thematic dossiers to be published in 2025 (HoST volume 19, issue 1-June; issue 2-December).

Each thematic dossier should be prepared by the guest editor(s) and include four research papers along with an introduction.

Proposal submission guidelines

Proposals should include the following items:An abstract describing the topic for the thematic dossier and its significance (500 words);
A list of the contributors along with the titles and abstracts (300 words each) of the four research papers;

Brief CVs (300 words) of the guest editor(s) and authors.

The guest editor(s) and the contributors must be prepared to meet HoST's publication schedule:

  • Deadline for the submission of proposals (general abstract, paper titles and abstracts, and brief CVs): 
  • 20 January 2024
  • Deadline for the submission of research papers to be published in the June 2025 issue: 31 July 2024
  • Deadline for the submission of research papers to be published in the December 2025 issue: 30 December 2024

Proposals will be subject to approval by the Editorial Board and authors will be informed of the outcome by February 2024. Submissions should be sent as an e-mail attachment (preferably in one single .doc, .docx, .rtf or .odt file), to the chief-editor.