CfP: 68th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Systems Sciences

Dates: 9 – 13 June 2024
Location: Washington D.C. & Open Gov Hub
This is a hybrid meeting, therefore, one can attend or present in person or online.

The conference will be followed by a one-day workshop on the 14th June on Cybernetics and Governance, and this will be followed 15 – 19 June by the American Society for Cybernetics Meeting and 15 – 18 June by the Archetypes conference… All in Washington D.C.

The theme for the conference is Influence and Responsibility.
We all have our spheres of influence. As systems scientists we have a responsibility to let others know about the work we do. The world is a troubled place, and organizations are trying to navigate in a complex context. Successful navigation partly depends on having good conceptual tools that are suited to meet the challenges. Institutions and organizations have the responsibility to be as well informed as possible about utility and effectiveness of systems science, cybernetics and complexity theory. As a species, we cannot afford to make too many more mistakes.

We are now inviting proposals for papers and workshops, that address the meeting theme, although papers presenting ongoing systems research and practice of attendees are also very welcome. In addition to our General Call, the following Special Integration Groups (SIGs) and Exploratory Groups will be organizing sessions at the annual meeting. Your papers will be channeled to one (or more) of these groups for review. These groups are listed on the ISSS website and include:
  • Action Research
  • Balancing Individualism and Collectivism
  • Systemic Approaches to Crises and Disasters
  • Critical Systems Theory and Practice
  • Designing Educational Systems
  • Digital Product-Service Systems (IS and ICT)
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion
  • General Systems Mathematics and Languaging
  • Health and Systems Thinking
  • Hierarchy Theory
  • Holistic Systems
  • Human Systems Inquiry
  • ISSS RoundTable
  • Systemic Innovation, Engagement, and Leadership
  • Living Systems Science
  • Organizational Transformation and Social Change
  • Relational Science
  • Research towards General Theories of Systems
  • Science, Spirituality and Systems Science
  • Socio-Ecological Systems & Design
  • Students SIG
  • Systemic Design
  • Systemic Ethics
  • Systems Applications in Business and Industry
  • Systems Biology and Evolution Systems
  • Modelling and Systems Engineering
  • Systems Pathology
  • Systems Philosophy
Submission Details: We require an abstract as a first submission for review, and if accepted, you are then welcome to submit a full paper as a second submission.

Please review the following information before submitting your abstract, Submissions not meeting these guidelines will be returned to you for further editing.

Abstracts for paper proposals should be submitted on our Journals publication website. The link here will take you to the login page. Please login to access the submission page for the 67th Meeting. If this is your f irst submission to ISSS, you will have to create your login details and then finish abstract submission. Link to Journals Submission Page/

Confirmation of acceptance or rejection is done on a rolling basis and we endeavor to respond within 3 business days.

Deadline for Abstract Submission: May 1, 2024.

Workshop proposals should be submitted to Jennifer Makar
The deadline for Workshop Proposals is May 1, 2024


Deadline for Abstract: May 1, 2024
Deadline for Full Paper for review by the Student Paper Award Committee: June 1, 2024

Please review this information before submitting a paper to the ISSS Student Awards: Guidance for Student Papers, which must also follow general layout guidance/use of templates, as with any other submission.

Other Important Deadlines

It is helpful to have full papers available online before the conference, but if not possible, full papers (or full papers edited after feedback received at conference) can still be uploaded until a final cut-off date to be determined by the ISSS publications committee.
The date is usually in October and will be communicated.

Full papers may also be considered following the cut-off date for inclusion in a separate, peer-reviewed process for inclusion in our Yearbook, which is Part 5 of the Systems Research and Behavioral Science Journal. A separate call for that process will be made in November 2024.