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Comundad de Historia de la Salud Púbica de América Latina y del Caribe

Ambiente virtual dedicado a la comunicación e intercambio de información y conocimientos sobre el campo de la Historia de la Salud Pública en Latinoamérica y el Caribe . Aquí usted podrá insertar y consultar noticias, hacer comentarios, participar de los foros de discusión y quedarse informado de la agenda de eventos del área. Última Newsletter: Edición 012 04/12/2009 La Newsletter BVS HPCS en Red es una publicación que reúne y socializa las iniciativas de los países en la promoción de la Red HPCS en sus âmbitos nacional y regional, publicadas en el Espacio Colaborativo en línea. La Newsletter tiene por objeto fortalecer la comunicación entre los miembros de la Red. ¡Echa un vistazo! Para sugerencias envíen correo electrônico para contactohpcs@coc.fiocruz.br. Llamada para trabajos - 30 años sin Viruela Artículos pueden ser enviados, hasta marzo de 2010, en portugués, inglés o español. lea más+ Llamada de artículos para Conferencia sobre Progreso en la Medicina La confe

Anesthesia History Association April 8-10, 2010 (Spring Meeting)

Anesthesia History Association April 8-10, 2010 (Spring Meeting) Call for Abstracts The 16th Annual Spring Meeting of the Anesthesia History Association will be held April 8, 9, and 10, 2010, in Winston Salem, NC, at the Historical Brookstown Inn. Location: Brookstown Inn 200 Brookstown Avenue Winston Salem, NC 27101 800-845-4262 phone (reservation code "strick") http://www.brookstowninn.com/ The abstracts requirements are as follows: twenty-minute papers on historical aspects of anesthesia, critical care medicine, and pain management. Abstracts on medical humanities or ethical topics that relate to the history of one or more of these broad areas are also invited. Abstracts should be no longer than one 8½" by 11" sheet of paper; text should be in 12-point font size. If possible, abstracts should indicate the research problem, sources used, methodological approach and may contain no more than ten references. Abstracts may be submitted by regular

Scholars taking drugs (in the sense of opium, LSD etc.).

Forwarded on behalf of Oliver Hochadel oliver.hochadel@univie.ac.at Please reply direct to Oliver. Dear colleagues I am writing a journalistic piece on scientists (or scholars more general) taking drugs (in the sense of opium, LSD etc.). There are probably two categories: 1. Scholars taking drugs as part of their research on them (Sigmund Freud, Albert Hoffman, Sertürner, Humphry Davy, ethnobotanists etc.) and 2. Scholars taking drugs for other reasons (pain relief, being able to work more etc.) such as John Tyndall, Thomas Huxley, Jean-Paul Sartre etc.). I am interested in both. I would be grateful for any further suggestions or hints. This is for the Austrian science magazine heureka! (s. www.heurekablog.at) Thanking you Oliver Hochadel Dr. Oliver Hochadel Centre d'Estudis d'Història de la Ciència (CEHIC) Facultat de Ciències - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 08193 Bellaterra Spain Tel.: +34 935812609 Fax: +34 93 581 20
CALL FOR PAPERS: Conference panel “Cross-National and Comparative History of Science Education” At the 4th European Society for the History of Science congress, Barcelona (Spain), 18-20 November 2010 BACKGROUND This session assesses the need of further cross-national and comparative work in history of science, medicine and technology prompted by current perceptions of disciplinary crisis, around questions such as “big pictures”, European centres and peripheries, the rise of global history, and the integration of non-Western science in the historical canon. It intends to do so, by focusing on the study of science education, and by promoting interdisciplinary communication between two subjects which rarely interact (the history of science and the history of education). Cross-National comparison was a major driving force in the nineteenth-century organization of education. Educationists, scientists and students circulated across national boundaries and compared different educat
The New York Academy of Medicine is pleased to announce that application forms are available for the 2010-2011 Paul Klemperer Fellowship in the History of Medicine. The deadline for the receipt of applications is Tuesday, March 2, 2010. Please visit our website here: http://www.nyam.org/grants/history.shtml for more details and a printable flyer about the followship. Arlene Shaner Assistant Curator and Reference Librarian for Historical Collections The New York Academy of Medicine Library 1216 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10029 Tel: 212-822-7313 Fax: 212-423-0273 Email: ashaner@nyam.org

Integrated History and Philosophy of Science – &HPS3

Indiana University Bloomington September 23-26, 2010 Call for Papers We invite submission of individual paper abstracts for &HPS3, the third of a series of international conferences under the general heading of "Integrated History and Philosophy of Science". We solicit contributions that exemplify the combination of historical and philosophical analysis of science or discuss the possibilities and merits of integrated HPS as a scholarly endeavor. Submissions of abstracts of papers of approximately 30 minutes reading length will be considered for the program. Proposals for papers should include: Title and abstract of the paper. In order to enable the program committee to make more informed decisions, we request abstracts in the order of 1000 words. (If you are aware of other submitters whose work might well be grouped with yours in a symposium session, please alert us to that fact.) Address of the participant, including e-mail, phone, and institution The