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"Poliomyelitis after Poliomyelitis: Lights and Shadows of the Eradication"

A caba de aparecer un nuevo número de la revista electrónica Hygiea Internationalis (2015, vol. 11, nº 1) con el dossier "Poliomyelitis after Poliomyelitis: Lights and Shadows of the Eradication", coordinado por Juan Antonio Rodríguez Sánchez y dedicado a la lucha contra la poliomeilitis en Iberoamérica. El índice es el siguiente: -          “Poliomyelitis after Poliomyelitis: Lights and Shadows of the Eradication. An Introduction”. Juan Antonio Rodríguez-Sánchez. -          “Poliomyelitis in the City of Córdoba: Morbidity, Knowledge and the Research Performed by a Medical Elite in Argentinian interior, 1943-1953”. Adrián Carbonetti, Lila Aizenberg and María Laura Rodríguez. -          “History of a Strategy to Eradicate Poliomyelitis in Uruguay and Argentina”. Adriana Álvarez. -          “The Eradication of Poliomyelitis in Spain: Projects, Obstacles, Achievements, Realities”. Rosa Ballester, María-Isabel Porras and María-José Báguena. -          “Deni

Reproduction on Film conference, 23-25 September, University of Cambridge

Reproduction on Film conference 23-25 September 2015 Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge Reproduction is one of the most persistently generative themes in the history of cinema. Storks, cabbage fairies, golems, homunculi, robots, parasitic aliens, and clones have fascinated film-makers and audiences for more than a century. Today we have grown accustomed not only to the once controversial portrayals of sperm, eggs, and embryos in science and medicine, but also to the artificial wombs, monstrous creations, and dystopian futures of science fiction and fantasy. Yet, while scholars have explored key films and genres, especially in response to the recent cycle of Hollywood 'mom coms', the analytic potential of reproduction on film remains largely untapped. This conference aims to explore reproduction as a theme to unite diverse strands of film history that are not usually considered in the same frame. Reproduction can link films acro

HPS&ST Note, July

D ear Colleagues, The following HPS&ST announcements might be of interest. # Science & Education Current Issue (Vol. 24 Nos.4-5, July 2015) Thematic Issue : The Interplay of Physics and Mathematics: Historical, Philosophical and Pedagogical Considerations Guest editor : Ricardo Karam http://link.springer.com/journal/11191/24/5/page/1 # Science & Education Open Access Articles Springer have placed 14 articles, published between 2009 and the current issue, on its open access list.  By going to the link below, pdf files of all 14 articles can be downloaded gratis. http://link.springer.com/search?query=&search-within=Journal&facet-journal-id=11191&package=openaccessarticles The downloadable articles include: Language of Physics, Language of Math: Disciplinary Culture and Dynamic Epistemology (Edward Redish & Eric Kuo, 2015) Values and Objectivity in Science: Value-Ladenness,