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CfP: Special Issue of the Journal History of Technology on “Technology in Latin American History”

Special Issue of the Journal History of Technology   on “ Technology in Latin American History” Expected: Volume 34, 2018 Journal: History of Technology (Bloomsbury Publishing, London) https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/series/history-of-technology/ Guest editors: Dr. David Pretel (Colegio de México) and Dr. Helge Wendt (Max Plank Institute for the History of Science) Journal editor: Prof. Ian Inkster (SOAS, University of London) The purpose of this special collection is to offer a variety of critical analyses of the history of technology in Latin America from colonial times through the present day. Although research on the history of technology in Latin America has undergone major advances in recent years, we still lack a publication in English that brings together articles on the region’s various countries. Meanwhile, studies that are explicitly comparative and transcend a purely national approach remain rare. This special issue will bring together contributions fro

CfP: Voice, Media, and Technologies of the Sacred

Yale Journal of Music & Religion  invites articles examining voice, media, and technologies of the sacred. Approaching voice through its sonic and material dimensions, this issue will focus on the intersections of religion, media, and mediation with the poetics and infrastructures of sacred voice. Possible topics include continuities and ruptures between “old” and “new” media in terms of sacred voice; the shaping of sacred voice through religious conventions, aesthetics, and technologies; media and voicings of religious subjectivity and authority; institutions and infrastructures of sacred voice; vocal identity, embodiment, and mediation; nonhuman/disembodied voices in religious texts and other media; and individual and congregational voices' roles in religious practice and mediation.  Please contact editor-in-chief Jeffers Engelhardt about possible submission topics:  jengelhardt-at-amherst.edu . ( Deadline extended to September 1, 2017. ) Contact I

STSUCL opens 3 teaching fellow posts - applications close from 15Aug

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies announces three Teaching Fellowships for 2017-18 session. These are fractional appointments. Autumn Term (Sep-Dec 2017) Teaching Fellow in Science and Population Culture (40%) Application closing date 15 August 2017 Spring Term (Jan-Mar 2018) Teaching Fellow in Research Methods in Social Sciences (40%) Teaching Fellow in History of Medicine and Science (19thC) (40%) Application closing dates 25 August 2017 Details on all posts http://www.ucl.ac.uk/sts/jobs STS is rated consistently as outstanding for its teaching and student mentoring. We have a strong track record of mentoring Teaching Fellows and developing their skills in teaching and learning in the modern HE environment. Teaching Fellows are integrated into the cultural life of the department, and they have available to them all the resources of UCL as a university, both for research and for professional development. These fellowships are

A Free Highlight issue of Social History of Medicine for ICHST2017

The 25th International Congress of History of Science and Technology is taking place this year between 23-29 July in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The focus of this year’s conference is Science, Technology and Medicine between the Global and Local. The question of place and scales of analysis have been central to the research of historians of medicine and debates on recent trends in global history (see our Second Opinion pieces by Sara Hodges and Warwick Anderson). As the historian of medicine Marcos Cueto’s keynote and the Congress program suggest, histories of Latin American science, technology and medicine are a crucial part of understanding the historiography, history and conceptualization of circulation of knowledge, global health and the Global South. To contribute to these discussions, the editors of Social History of Medicine have compiled this virtual highlight issue on Latin America, which will be available for free. Several of our editors – Graham Mooney and Dora V

CfP: Aging from beyond the skin

Deadline for manuscript submission: September 20th, 2017 Web: http://compaso.eu/ Send manuscripts and inquiries to compaso@compaso.eu For the Winter 2017 issue, we invite research articles and notes that explore how we are being aged from outside the contours of our bodies, through the presence and absence of interaction with others, in materially and technologically organized activities, by living in mediated worlds and incorporating mediated voices into ourselves. We invite authors to reflect on the significance of media, discourses, material shapes and technologies for the form, intensity and diversity of ageing, addressing questions such as the following: • What forms of ageing are portrayed in children stories, films, textbooks, commercials, comics, and the thick environment of images and narratives in which we are immersed [1], [2]? • How do people age through gameplay? How are elderly characters included and animated in gameworlds, and how are elderly p

University of Leeds Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund fellowships: application deadline July 31st 2017

University of Leeds - Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) We are pleased to announce a second call for applications for the following funding schemes: Early Career Researcher Fellowships – to support promising individuals in the basic science, humanities and clinical fields to enable them to realise their potential and position themselves for competitive external Fellowship applications at PhD or postdoctoral levels. Discipline Hopping Fellowships – to support staff at all levels who wish to explore and develop new interdisciplinary research areas. Applications from both Leeds and external organisations are welcome.  The application deadline is 5pm July 31st 2017, shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview on September 19th 2017 (applicants should ensure that they will be available to attend for interview on this date). The completed application form should be emailed to WTISSF@leeds.ac.uk by the July 31st deadline.

CfP: Edited Volume on the History of Medical Education

This peer-reviewed volume will bring together original and diverse scholarship on the history of medical education and training in the healing arts. Historical research on all periods and geographies are welcome, including global and comparative perspectives, as well as any aspect of learning processes, systems, or experiences. The inspiration for the book is to celebrate the exceptional and ongoing contributions to research and teaching in History of Medicine made by the Canadian historian-physician Jacalyn Duffin . The volume’s focus on the history of medical education acknowledges Dr. Duffin’s particular impact as an educator of future physicians and advocate for the utility of history in today’s medical curriculum during her tenure as Hannah Chair in History of Medicine at Queen’s University. Possible topics could include, but are not limited to: ·       medical education (within and beyond medical schools) – any time period or region ·       comparative, global, no