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Spring School in Particle Physics, Philosophy, History

First Spring School in Particle Physics and Philosophy March 16-25, 2001 at `Maria in der Aue near Wuppertal The Interdisciplinary Center for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT) at the University of Wuppertal invites applications for participation at the 1st International Spring School on Particle Physics and Philosophy. The aim of this school is to train the next generation of researchers from physics, philosophy and history of science in a borderline-area relevant for all three disciplines. Lectures and discussion sessions will be given by world-renowned scientists and scholars of these three fields, and will be held in English. The spring school will start on March 16th, 2011, and end on March 25th, 2011. The venue is a quiet conference hotel in the countryside close to Wuppertal. Accommodation, meals and lectures will all take place at this venue, so as to establish an optimal environment for discussion and learning. We invite students at the master and doctoral level,

Fellowship opportunity at UTMB Galveston

Truman G. Blocker, Jr. History of Medicine Fellowship The Moody Medical Library of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is pleased to offer the Truman G. Blocker, Jr. Fellowship to support research related to the history of medicine conducted at the Moody Medical Library. The Truman G. Blocker, Jr. Fellowship will provide between $2,000 and $4,000 per year to support travel, lodging and incidental expenses for the period between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011. Upon completion the recipient will deliver a paper at the University of Texas Medical Branch outlining the research, provide an expense report and a copy of the final research product. The University of Texas Medical Branch also reserves the right to post excerpts from the work, a photograph and biographical material of the Fellow on our website http://www.utmb.edu/ . The fellowship proposal must demonstrate that the Truman G. Blocker, Jr. History of Medicine Collection

CHF History of Science Fellowships 2011-2012

The Chemical Heritage Foundation, an independent research center and library in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, would like to encourage applications for long-term and short-term fellowships in residence at CHF for the academic year 20011-12. These fellowships are for scholars working in some area of the history or social studies of science, technology, medicine, or industry in all periods and geographical areas. To get a better sense of the kinds of research we support, please visit our website (http://www.chemheritage.org/research/fellowships-and-travel-grants/index.aspx) and review the work being done by our current and past fellows. Philadelphia is a particularly dynamic and fruitful area in which to be working in the History of Science.   The Philadelphia Area Center for the History of Science brings together 12 institutions and a host of faculty members scattered throughout the immediate vicinity.   CHF alone brings in approximately 18 fellows per year and has 8 Ph

I Coloquio Internacional de Filosofía de la Técnica.

I Coloquio Internacional de Filosofía de la Técnica Lo artificial y lo viviente en la filosofía de la tecnología actual 2 y 3 de noviembre de 2010 Buenos Aires, Argentina Auditorio UCES Institución organizadora: Centro REDES, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Auspiciado por: *CONICET – Argentina (RC 2010) CONVOCATORIA A PRESENTACIÓN DE PONENCIAS —– La filosofía de la tecnología constituye un ámbito de trabajo filosófico consolidado, atravesado por interrogantes metafísicos, epistemológicos y axiológicos. Una parte importante del debate contemporáneo gira en torno a cuestiones como qué clase de cosa son los artefactos, cómo los conocemos y qué valores incorporan. Este I Coloquio Internacional de Filosofía de la Técnica pretende constituirse como un ámbito de encuentro entre dos tradiciones filosóficas, la analítica y la continental, que por diferentes motivos permanecen alejadas entre sí. Bajo el lema del encuentro (“Lo artificial y lo viviente en la fil