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CfP: Topical Collection ‘Values at Sea’ - HLPS

Title:   Values at Sea: Marine Science Studies  Meet Blue humanities Guest editors:  Elis   Jones, Jose A. Cañada, and Sabina Leonelli (University of Exeter) Across social science and humanities, attention is increasingly focused on the sea. There has been a notable rise in panels, papers and projects in recent years working on understanding the challenges that marine sciences face in a time of ecological crisis. This growing interest is no surprise: the sea is a site of immense value, supporting and shaping the global biosphere, and is under considerable threat both by global change and local pressures. Whilst marine ecosystems are pushed to the brink, scholars now often talk of the blue humanities and oceanic turns, of blue economics and accelerations, and of ocean decades. These trends necessitate a similar refocusing towards the sea in the history, philosophy, and social studies of science, fields that are ideally placed to help understand and contextualise some of the changes

CfA: 7th International Workshop on Science and Literature

Communicati ο n of Science and Literature in the multiverse. Aegina, Aegina Island, Greece July 3-5, 2023 The International Commission on Science and Literature DHST/IUHPST, The Municipality of Aegina, The Association of the Greek Physicists Society, The Science, Technology and Medicine Laboratory of the School of Humanities, Hellenic Open University, The Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation, The Chair of  Science, Technology and Gender Studies, Friedrich-Alexander University, and  the Department of Sociology of the University of Athens organize a three-day workshop to study the Communication of Science and Literature  in the multiverse. The CoSciLit workshop has already an established tradition and papers presented in it have been published in thematic volumes, e-books, international journals etc.   This year’s workshop aims to discuss various views on the role and presence of science and literature communication in a highly diversified world.  S

Call for Proposals: The British Journal for the History of Science - Themes

Proposals from prospective 'special editors' are invited for the next issue of The British Journal for the History of Science - Themes.  https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/bjhs-themes BJHS Themes  is a collaborative venture between the British Society for the History of Science and Cambridge University Press.  Themes  is an open access journal that is published annually.  Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme in the history of science, broadly defined. Past issues can be found here  https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/bjhs-themes/all-issues Deadline for proposals: 15 July 2023. Further instructions for submitting proposals can be found here:   Journal information  

CfA: BPPA conference on the Philosophy of Mental Health

The British Postgraduate Philosophy Association (BPPA) is delighted to announce   that we are now inviting submissions of papers to be considered for our  conference on the Philosophy of Mental Health, broadly conceived , which will constitute our 2023 regional conference for London and the South-East of England . The conference is scheduled to take place the  30 th  of June 2023, at Senate House, University of London . The deadline for expression of interest is the  27th May 2023 at 12pm GMT.   The main question behind the conference is: what does philosophy have to say about the mental health epidemic? Thus, we  are accepting proposals for talks that loosely relate to this question: from Philosophy of Psychology and Philosophy of Psychiatry, to general philosophical concerns surrounding the notion of happiness, wellbeing and the flourishing of individuals. We welcome submissions from graduate students of any UK-based institution, although, being a regional conference, we will give pr