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CfP: Understanding Cancer: Philosophical Explorations

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers:  Understanding Cancer: Philosophical Explorations Conference Sponsored by the Ann Johnson Institute for Science,  Technology, and Society and the Department of Philosophy at the  University of South Carolina March 15-16, 2024, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. This conference seeks to address the Philosophy of Cancer across a  number of different disciplinary and methodological areas of  philosophy, including the philosophy of science, philosophy of  medicine, ethics and political philosophy, philosophical anthropology,  and the philosophy of religion. Papers are solicited for 50 minute  sessions that should include no more than 30 minutes of reading time. We hope to collect select papers for a subsequent edited volume. Conference Themes: 1. Cancer and the Philosophy of Science and Medicine: We invite papers  that address the various questions of taxonomy, ontology, and  epistemology surrounding cancer research. Keynote Speaker: Mar

CfP: VariAbilities 2023

Variabilities  is a gathering of disability studies scholars and other medicine and health scholars from around the world. An inclusive event, the organizers go to lengths to make sure that all of the participants and attendees are comfortable with the format and location.  This year's conference has the them of  "Bridging the Gap: Bringing the Human Sciences together with the Humanities"  and will take place at the  Hunterian Collection of the Royal College of Surgeons, London , in collaboration with University of Winchester,  19-21 July 2023 , London UK. This is what the organizers write about this year's theme on "Bridging the Gap."  How do we understand our bodies? Our own bodies might be the first we experience as children, but how do we use this lived experience to understand the bodies of other people? The bodies of everyday folks we meet on the street, bodies that may range from healthy to diseased, able to disabled, sports fit to couch potato, real

CfP: Technopolitics - Coimbra University, February 2023

INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM,   Português/English,  03 – 04 February, 2023.  COIMBRA UNIVERSITY, PORTUGAL Technopolitics is a follow up conference that intends to depart and expand the concept of Cyberpolitics to all the dimensions and effects of technology in our lives but placing politics at the center of debate and thought. Most investigation in the fields of Humanities have highlighted the impact of digitization and social virtualization and mapped the transition from industrial revolution, and mass disciplinary society, to the digital revolution, telework and social atomism. The fusion of disruptive technologies such as the so-called NBIC Technologies (Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno) is changing the fundamentals of our world almost roaming on its own towards a near future with unprecedented and unpredictable outcomes. This new technological reason implies a rupture and a paradigm shift in the radical transition from an instrumental reason (auxiliary) to an autonomous reason (essential). This mean

CfP: 'New Horizons for Medical Museums and Collections' Conference, Leiden 2023

Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden / the Netherlands, 20 - 23 September 2023 Medical museums are in permanent flux. Collections containing objects related to the history of medicine and health play a role in teaching, research and learning in the broadest sense. The past years medical museums in particular have demonstrated the power to contribute to patient communities, health and wellbeing, and society at large. Yet from small scale local collections to national medical heritage entities, ways of dealing with medical collections will continue to change with the urgent challenges and questions that lay ahead. The conference aims to investigate the role and value of medical museums (and/or medical collections) for societies in the past, present and future. What is the potential of medical collections? How can medical museums be of value in the context of current and future challenges? To explore this topic, an international and interdisciplinary conference will be held at   Rijksmuseum Boer

CfP "Nuclear Research in Medicine after the Second World War"

We seek proposals for a conference on the history of nuclear research in medicine. The conference will be held at the Medical University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna from the 20th to 21st of March 2023. Deadline for submissions is the 15th of November 2022. https://www.stgs.fau.de/2022/ 09/20/nuclear-research-in- medicine-after-the-second- world-war/   Nuclear research in medicine relies on a high degree of interaction. While the production of radioisotopes and the development of medical devices are carried out by physicists and engineers, chemists and pharmacists take over the syntheses of radiopharmaceuticals, while physicians focus on their application. In the absence of handbooks, industrially available devices, and radioisotopes, early specialists were also dependent on multilateral exchanges. These were fostered by post-war agreements for the peaceful use of atomic energy and international organizations such as the IAEA and WHO. Thus, the formation of

Plaza de profesor/a de Historia de la Ciencia / History of Science (València)

Plaza de profesor colaborador de HISTORIA DE LA CIENCIA en la Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera de Valencia.  https://ceu.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com/es/uch/job/Profesor-a-colaborador-a-en-Historia-de-la-Ciencia_R332    -Incorporación inmediata   -Requisito: nivel de inglés C1.   -Anual y jornada completa.   -Área de Humanidades y Salud.   -Guías docentes de Historia de la Ciencia / History of Science: Farmacia, Fisioterapia, Odontología.  +información sobre el Proceso de Selección: https://www.ceu.es/ceu/empleo.php

CfP: Bjoring Center Research Fellowships in the History of Nursing and Health Care

The Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry at the University of Virginia invites applications for its annual research fellowships in the history of nursing and health care: The  30 th  Anniversary Research Fellowship  is intended to support scholarly work on the history of nursing and health care that makes use of the research collections at the Bjoring Center and the University of Virginia . It provides up to $3,000 of support to doctoral students, faculty, and independent researchers from all disciplines, based on evidence of preparation and/or productivity in historical research related to the history of nursing and health care. The  Barbara Brodie Nursing History Fellowship  is a postdoctoral award open to nurses engaged in historical scholarship that advances the field of the history of nursing and health care. The deadline for proposals is January 15, 2023,  with the intention that the recipient use the award during the 2023 calendar year. For more information, visit the B

CfP: International Seminar on Material Culture in the History of Physics

We invite proposals for the next International Seminar " Material Culture in the History of Physics ". The Workshop consists of a self-organized theoretical section and an attendance part, which will take place from  February 26th to March 3rd 2023 at the Deutsches Museum in  Munich.   Accommodation will be funded as well as travel expenses up to 80€ for participants from Germany, up to 300 € for students from Europe, and up to 1000€ for students from overseas.   The seminar is intended for Master students and PhD students in the History of Science and Physics, and Didactics of Physics. We would also like to encourage trainees in science museums to apply for participation.   For further details concerning the structure of the seminar, deadlines etc., please see our flyer:  https://www.dpg-physik.de/ vereinigungen/fachlich/ohne- sektion/fvgp/pdf/cfp_mcs_2023. pdf

CfP: Varia Philosophia Scientiae

Philosophia  Scientiæ  is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which publishes original works in the fields of epistemology, the history and philosophy of sciences and in analytical philosophy. It is open to works from all scientific disciplines and notably publishes studies on logic, mathematics and physics. One of the journal’s strong themes is German or Franco-German contributions to epistemology and the history of sciences.   Thematic dossiers Thematic dossiers make up the majority of the issues of  Philosophia  Scientiæ . Guest editors have the scientific responsibility  for  coordinating these dossiers which consist of articles selected using double-blind peer reviewing following a  call   for  contributions. If you wish to edit a thematic dossier, please contact the journal at this address  phscientiae-redac@univ- lorraine.fr   to submit your project to the Editorial Board.   Submitting articles  for  Varia Philosophia  Scientiæ  also publishes varied articles in its «Varia» secti