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CfP: The Economy of Images in the Sciences (18th-21st centuries)

In early 2020, the Jeu de Paume (Paris) presented an exhibition entitled “The supermarket of images”, conceived by Peter Szendy. The philosopher developed there ideas he had outlined in his book  The Supermarket of the Visible: Toward a General Economy of Images  (2017) about the intimate relationship between images and the economy. Basing his approach on Deleuze who was himself inspired by Marx, Szendy reminded us that "money is the flipside of all images". Such an axiom must be read as part of a renewed interest in the financial dimension of art history, of the history of photography, and of visual studies. Yet this approach seems to have been euphemised in the analysis of images connected to scientific practices, though it is currently an active area of research. This is all the more striking as the production of such visual materials can prove to be very costly in terms of time and of human, technical, and financial resources. A good example is the production of the first


  Dear members of HPM AdB,   ESU9  European Summer University   on the History and Epistemology in Mathematics Education  will be organized from  18 to 22 July 2022, in  University of Salerno , Italy.  Participants are expected to be teachers ,  university teachers and students,  historians of mathematics and mathematicians. The ESU is more a collection of intensive courses than a conference for researchers. It is a place where teachers and researchers meet and work together. It is also a place where beginners, more experienced researchers and teachers present their teaching experience to the benefit of the participants and get a constructive feedback from them—and it refers to all levels of education, from primary school to tertiary education, including in-service teachers’ training. The programme and activities of ESU-9 are structured around six  main themes   (see announcement).  Emphasis is placed on empirical findings from actual classroom experiments and/or produced teaching &

Postdoc in Science Studies at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen

  3-year Postdoc in Science Studies at Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen   We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow with a background in philosophy of science, science studies or history of science, for a project investigating diagnostic categories at the fault line between patient bodies, research labs and the clinic.       Applications close   5 th   April 2021 .   The project The concept of diagnosis plays multiple roles in medical practice and biomedical knowledge. It helps make sense of patient bodies, directs treatment, and enables researchers to focus their work through categorized body material. While humanities research has often focused on psychiatric diagnosis, we believe diagnosis in somatic medicine holds great promise as a route to understand medical knowledge between practice and science and to map connections between research, clinical medicine and patients.     In the project  Between Knowing and Doing  the postdoc will investigate how clinical diagnoses enter and

Four-year postdoc position in (applied) philosophy of science or epistemology

The University of Vienna  seeks to fill the  position as soon as possible of a  University Assistant (post doc)  at the Department of Philosophy Reference number: 11826 The advertised position is located at the Department of Philosophy which  is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. The Department of  Philosophy at the University of Vienna is large in international  comparison and its members are active within a considerable variety of  research areas. The department furthermore offers a range of courses  reflecting the breadth of the fields of philosophy while upholding the  highest standards within each specialized subject area. Special focus is  placed on gaining insight and developing competences in order to contribute to the discussion of current philosophical problems. This  intention to acknowledge new philosophical developments and tasks is  reflected in a number of co-operations and research fields of the  department. Duration of employment: 4 year/s Extent of Emplo

GRK 2073 - Call for applications: 5 Doctoral Candidates in Ethics of Science and/or Philosophy of Science

The Research Training Group GRK 2073 “Integrating Ethics and  Epistemology of Scientific Research”), a cooperation of Leibniz  University Hanover and Bielefeld University, invites applications for  positions for 5 Doctoral Candidates (all genders) (salary scale E13 TV-L, 65%) to start on 1 October 2021. The positions are limited to 30 September  2024. At least two of the positions are expected to be located at  Leibniz University Hannover and at least two at Bielefeld University.  Application deadline: 6 May 2021. For further information and the application guide, please see  https://grk2073.org/apply/ . Please direct any questions to Ms. Leonie  Wiemeyer.