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Ciclo de Seminarios: La cultura material de la psiquiatría”

  Ciclo de Seminarios: La cultura material de la psiquiatría” Coordinado por Enric Novella (IILP-UV) En las últimas décadas, la historia de la psiquiatría se ha convertido en uno de los campos más dinámicos y apasionantes de la historia de la ciencia, acumulando un enorme caudal de aportaciones que han procedido a lo largo de cuatro grandes ejes historiográficos: la historia conceptual (que ha explorado con gran riqueza y detalle el desarrollo del discurso psicopatológico), la historia social (que ha mostrado la imbricación de los saberes y las prácticas psiquiátricas con varias formas de gobierno y control social), la historia profesional (que ha desvelado las retóricas y estrategias corporativas de los psiquiatras y otros especialistas  psi ) y la historia cultural (que ha permitido entender el desarrollo de la medicina mental como un producto estrechamente vinculado a la conformación de los atributos de la individualidad y la subjetividad moderna). Como consecuencia del “giro materi

CfP: Seventh Annual Conference on the History of Recent Social Science (HISRESS)

Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Toronto,  17-18 June 2022 After a two-year pandemic delay, this two-day conference of the Society for the History of Recent Social Science (HISRESS) will bring together researchers working on the history of post-World War II social science (HISRESS;  https://hisress.org ) will bring together researchers working on the history of post-World War II social science. It will provide a forum for the latest research on the cross-disciplinary history of the post-war social sciences, including but not limited to anthropology, economics, psychology, political science, and sociology as well as related fields like area studies, communication studies, history, international relations, law, and linguistics. The conference aims to build upon the recent emergence of work and conversation on cross-disciplinary themes in the postwar history of the social sciences. Submissions are welcome in such areas including, but not re

CfP: Thaumazein Philosophical Cosmology

Vol. 10, Issue 2, 2022, of “Thaumàzein” [ https://www.thaumazein.it/ ],  Edited by Marco Russo (University of Salerno),  The concept of the world has long been central to philosophy. Just today, at the time of globalization, systemic ecology and space travel, it is instead little considered. This call intends to solicit a new debate in the philosophical field but suitably open   to science. In fact, it is about discussing the elements that come together in the concept of world: the relationship between some key concepts of physics (time, space, movement, matter, life), metaphysics (God, totality, foundation, ontological categories)   and anthropology (action, freedom, community, good, value). On the border between theoretical thought and intuitive vision, symbolism and concrete practices, the world is from the very beginning linked to Heaven and Earth, to   kosmos   and   saeculum ,   in the attempt to obtain a unitary picture, that is a representation of what, more or less conflicting

Studia Historiae Scientiarum vol. 20 (2021)

P ublication of volume 20 (2021) of  Studia Historiae Scientiarum , the peer-reviewed, diamond open access journal included in Scopus, DOAJ, ERIH+, …. The articles are free to download from the  website . Please see the table of contents below for details. The journal accepts submissions on a rolling basis. We welcome original manuscripts focusing on the different aspects of history of science – please see the journal’s  Editorial Policies .   e-ISSN:  2543-702X  | p-ISSN:  2 451-3202   Studia Historiae Scientiarum  vol. 20 (2021) Edited by Michał Kokowski EDITORIAL Evolutionary transformation of the journal.  Part 8  /  Ewolucyjna transformacja czasopisma. Część 8 by  Michał Kokowski.             DOI (English version):   https://doi.org/10.4467/ 2543702XSHS.21.001.14032                   DOI (Polish version):    https://doi.org/10.4467/ 2543702XSHS.21.002.14033 SCIENCE IN POLAND Before the scope of research crystalized, or on the development of human sciences and studies on human race

Forgotten histories from the developing world / Scrolls & Leaves Podcast

We're pleased to announce Season 1 of  Scrolls & Leaves ,  a world history podcast narrating stories of colonialism, science and cultures. Made in collaboration with the Archives at NCBS and the Yale-Mellon Sawyer Seminar. At the turn of the 20th century, an Indian man is sent by British colonizers to Fiji as an indentured labourer. 70 years later, his grandson embarks on a desperate search for home. 7 such stories are part of Season 1, "Trade Winds", of  Scrolls & Leaves.  They narrate how trade and migration across the Indian Ocean changed us. It spans 2,000 years and 5 nations, and features interviews with more than a dozen historians and other scholars. Where to Listen Podcast app:  Click Here  | YouTube:  Click Here  | Website:  Click Here About  Scrolls & Leaves Scrolls & Leaves  is a world history show that tells stories of colonialism, science and cultures through the lens of the marginalized. A women-led indie production made in India in 3D-sound.