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Trabajo de cristal. Ensayos de historia de la ciencia, 1650-1900

El próximo 20 de septiembre a las siete y media de la tarde tendrá lugar en la Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid (C/Pinar, 21-23), la presentación del libro de Simon Schaffer "Trabajos de cristal. Ensayos de historia de la ciencia, 1650-1900" .  Participan: Alberto Corsín, Juan Pimentel, Simon Schaffer. Francisco Herrera Universidad de Cádiz

TOC Nuncius Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science

TOC /Nuncius - Journal of the Material and Visual History of Science/ http://www.brill.nl/publications/journals/nuncius Volume 26, Number 1, 2011 Ways of Voyaging through the Human Body: A Multimedia Survey Publisher's Note pp. 1-1(1) Author: van Dijk, Arjan Editorial pp. 3-6(4) Author: Beretta, Marco Introduction Ways of Voyaging through the Human Body pp. 7-19(13) Authors: de Ceglia, Francesco Paolo; Pogliano, Claudio Articles Maiden Voyage pp. 21-49(29) Author: De Santis, Dario Lumen in obscuris: The Winding Road of Modern Endoscopy pp. 50-82(33) Author: Pogliano, Claudio The Importance of Being Florentine: A Journey around the World for Wax Anatomical Venuses pp. 83-108(26) Author: de Ceglia, Francesco Paolo Modern Embalming, Circulation of Fluids, and the Voyage through the Human Arterial System: Carl L. Barnes and the Culture of Immortality in America pp. 109-131(23) Author: Podgorny, Irina Voyaging in the Vein: Medical Experimentation with Heart

Call for Papers: The History of Pain Without Lesion in the Mid-to-Late 19th c. West

Call for Papers: The History of Pain Without Lesion in the Mid-to-Late 19th c. West Background: The Birkbeck Pain Project invites the submission of abstracts in connection with a public Workshop to be held on 19 May 2012 at The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities, Birkbeck, University of London entitled "The History of Pain Without Lesion in the Mid-to-Late 19th c. West."   The Workshop is being organised by Visiting Fellow Daniel S. Goldberg, J.D., Ph.D (East Carolina University, U.S.A.). Although much work in the history of medicine and science has touched on experiences of pain in the modern era, there is a paucity of scholarship specifically focused on prevailing attitudes, practices, and beliefs among either lay or professional therapeutic communities regarding pain itself in the 19th c. West.   The Workshop is intended to help fill this gap by generating discussion and knowledge exchange on the mid-to-late 19th c. social, cultural, and medical status of what we

Celestial Novelties, Science and Politics on the Eve of the Scientific Revolution (1540-1630)

On September 29-30, 2011 Museo Galileo (Florence, Italy) will host an international conference under the title /Celestial Novelties, Science and Politics on the Eve of the Scientific Revolution (1540-1630)/. The conference is sponsored by Universitat de Barcelona in collaboration with Durham University and Villa I Tatti - Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies. Free admission subject to availability. The conference programme is available on http://www.museogalileo.it/assets/files/pieghevole_10x21.pdf . For information please contact Dario Tessicini: dario.tessicini@durham.ac.uk    

"Pyle. A Gateway to Greek Manuscripts"

Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of "Pyle. A Gateway to Greek Manuscripts" : http://webuser2.unicas.it/webspace/index.html < http://webuser2.unicas.it/webspace/index.html > . "Pyle" has been conceived as a collaborative tool for teaching and scholarly research in the field of Greek palaeography and codicology; it aims to collect scattered resources from various individuals and institutions, gradually adding new information, materials and services. Pyle also aspires to promote interaction among scholars, students and all other persons interested in ancient and medieval Greek manuscript books, providing a place to share knowledge, ideas, projects and news. We kindly ask you to help us evaluating this beta version, by reporting errors and making suggestion for improvement. Thank you very much in advance, with our best regards, Edoardo Crisci, Marilena Maniaci, Pasquale Orsini Università degli studi di Cassi

Vanderbilt University: Position in History of Science

Vanderbilt University is announcing an open-rank search in the History of Science. We especially encourage applications from scholars interested in the period before 1900, the nonphysical sciences, and/or the history of science outside Europe and the U.S. The position description that has just been posted is below (and also attached): The Department of History at Vanderbilt University invites nominations and applications for a tenure-track or tenured position in the history of science. Starting date is Fall, 2012.  Rank open; preference for appointment at the assistant professor or junior associate professor level. Time period, subfield, and geographic area open, with a preference for pre-20th century and the nonphysical sciences. Candidates should demonstrate excellence in broad-based teaching in the history of science and science in context and a record of scholarship commensurate with the length of professional experience in the field. Ph.D. required at the time of a