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CONF: Futures Past: Design and the Machine, November 21-23, MIT, Boston

Dear all, We are excited to share with you the schedule for the conference Futures Past: Design and the Machine, which will take place on November 21st-23rd, 2013 at the MIT Media Lab. The conference brings together pioneering figures in media, design, and computation from the 1960s and 1970s with historians and scholars of technology and architecture. The Architecture Machine Group, Lionel March, Nicholas Negroponte, Alan Kay, Chuck Eastman, George Stiny, John Gero, Paul Richens, and Edward Hoskins will discuss their contributions and early research in computation and interface design, and scholars will interrogate the historical context of research and technologies developed in the postwar period. The event is open to the public. To reserve a seat please fill in the registration form found in futurespast.info. To secure your RVSP please arrive at the conference at least 15 minutes before the starting time. Apart from a limited number of RSVPs, seating wil

Extension of Charles Leslie Award to 1 Jan 2014

The Charles Leslie Award for Best Essay by a Junior Scholar Announcement of a New Yearly Competition Deadline January 1, 2014 This prize is awarded to the best original, unpublished essay in the critical      study of Asian medicine submitted to the competition and judged by members of the IASTAM Council. The author can be one of three types of junior scholars of Asian medicine: 1) a practitioner of an Asian medical tradition (with none to no more than 3 publications) 2) a graduate student currently in a PhD program 3) a recent PhD who received his/her doctoral degree within the past 4 years. There are no age restrictions on entering for this prize. The purpose of the award is to encourage junior scholars to apply methods from anthropology, history, or any other academic discipline, to the critical study of Asian medicines in their myriad contexts and from any period to the present. Manuscripts must be in English. The winning essay will

CFP: First Annual Conference on the History of Recent Social Science

CALL FOR PAPERS FIRST ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON THE HISTORY OF RECENT SOCIAL SCIENCE (HISRESS) École normale supérieure de Cachan, France 13-14 June 2014 This two-day conference will bring together researchers working on the history of post-World War II social science. It will provide a forum for the latest research on the cross-disciplinary history of the post-war social sciences, including but not limited to anthropology, economics, psychology, political science, and sociology as well as related fields like area studies, communication studies, history, international relations, law and linguistics. We are especially eager to receive submissions that treat themes, topics, and events that span the history of individual disciplines. The conference aims to build upon the recent emergence of work and conversation on cross-disciplinary themes in the postwar history of the social sciences. A number of monographs, edited collections, special journal issues, and gatherings at the École normale supé

ESHS - Symposium on "Science for children"

“Science for children” CALL FOR PAPERS for a session at the ESHS Conference, Lisbon, 4-6 September 2014. Science for children has often been enmeshed with moral, religious and social agendas in more or less obvious ways. In this sense, understanding the way science has been communicate d to the youngest can offer insights into how science has been used for shaping tomorrow’s citizens. Did these campaigns really contribute to strengthening the technological foundations of modern societies? What do we actually know about the means, the actors, the strategies, the contexts, and the outcomes surrounding science communication targeted at a pre-teenage audience in various places and at various times? While research on popular science has made significant progress in the last decades, science for children is a topic that is, with few exceptions, largely understudied. This session intends to bundle the existing approaches and bringing people with various backgrounds togeth

The One-Sex Body on Trial: The Classical and Early Modern Evidence, by Helen King

Dear Editor, Ashgate has just published a book which may be of interest to the readers of your journal: The One-Sex Body on Trial: The Classical and Early Modern Evidence , by Helen King By far the most influential work on the history of the body, across a wide range of academic disciplines, remains that of Thomas Laqueur. This book puts on trial the one-sex/two-sex model of Laqueur's Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud through a detailed exploration of the ways in which two classical stories of sexual difference were told, retold and remade from the mid-sixteenth to the nineteenth century. For further details, please click here http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9781409463351 .