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CfP: 1918 and the Search for New Internationalism in Central European Academia

When the war ended in 1918, scholars in Central Europe faced a new challenge. New states required not only new infrastructure but also new ideas on how science should function. The intellectual landscape was changing rapidly – new institutions in new states mushroomed, but also disappeared or went into hiding like the institutions of the new minorities. Internationally, the German language was under fire, losing in the 1920s its status as the language of international organizations – because German was often the preferred language of international communication for CEE scholars, this affected them as well. One of the issues discussed most was how to present CEE science internationally while at the same time preserving its national character. Olympic internationalism, as Geert Somsen termed it, was one of the possibilities, with Central European scholars taking also leading roles in transnational organizations such as the Committee on Intellectual Co-operation. Pape

Chancellor's Fellow (History/Sociology of Biomedicine)

Url:  https://jobs.theguardian.com/job/6499804/chancellor-s-fellow-history-sociology-of-biomedicine-/ School of Social & Political Science Chancellor's Fellow (History/Sociology of Biomedicine) £39,324- £46,924 The University of Edinburgh has an outstanding tradition of ground-breaking research in science and technology studies, including the history and sociology of biomedicine. We now seek to make a strategic appointment of a scholar who will pursue historical research to interrogate the compelling questions generated by the increasing complexity of biomedicine and its interface with individuals and society. You will be based in the world-leading Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) subject group, located within the School of Social and Political Science. STIS is already home to a growing cluster of historians and sociologists of biomedicine and the life sciences. Other research within STIS ranges widely across the history and sociolo

CfP: Super-PAC, Early Career Workshop in Philosophy of Astrophysics and Cosmology

Super-PAC: Early Career Workshop in Philosophy of Astrophysics and Cosmology 28 - 29 October 2017 Center for Philosophy of Science University of Pittsburgh CALL FOR PAPERS Authors should submit an abstract of up to 500 words for anonymous review by June 30, 2017 via EasyChair :   https://easychair.org/ conferences/?conf=superpac2017 Keynote speakers: Wendy Freedman (Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Chicago) Michela Massimi (School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh) Philosophy of astrophysics and philosophy of cosmology are still emerging fields within philosophy of physics and general philosophy of science. The overall aim of this workshop is to bring together philosophers and researchers in the physical sciences to collectively explore epistemological and methodological issues in philosophy of astrophysics and cosmology with particular attention to the contributions of observational an

CfP: 'The evolution of the museum' - Science Museum, London, 13-14th July 2017

'The Evolution of the Museum' - Science Museum, London, 13-14th July 2017 A workshop in the 'Universal Histories, Universal Museums' project funded by the AHRC ‘Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past’ and the LABEX ‘Pasts in the Present’ programmes. https://universalhistories. org/ Call for Papers Museums are emergent entities - and the evolution of a museum is dependent on a number of factors, including: changes in collecting and disposal practices, redisplays and the legacy of temporary exhibitions. New pedagogical perspectives relating to new questions or ideological trends, either in museology or in the disciplines represented in the collections, are also influential. This workshop will focus on selected case studies to analyse the impact of these changes on methodological issues relating to universal histories and universal museums. In particular, the evolution of the museum will be discussed in relation to the impact of t

PhD studentship: ESRC CASE Doctoral Award at University of Liverpool, ‘Expectations and Experiences of Lung Cancer in Liverpool since 1948’

Applications are invited for a fully-funded ESRC CASE Doctoral Award (1+3) to be held at the University of Liverpool, beginning in October 2017. The project is a collaboration with the charity North West Cancer Research. Liverpool has some of the highest rates of cancer in the UK. Although the NHS has provided free health care for all since 1948, cancer charities have continued to fundraise to supplement state-funded clinical research, and to provide support for cancer patients and their families. Before the 1950s the main explanations for lung cancer were chimney smoke and road tar. Epidemiological research then established a clear association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, at a time when 85% of British adults smoked. There is now a well-established association between the areas of highest lung cancer incidence and mortality and those with the highest levels of socio-economic deprivation. Poorer people often seek medical advice later with signs of a

CfP: Animals in Public - Care, Charisma and Knowledge

Animals in Public: Care, Charisma and Knowledge CFP for a panel at Science in Public (10th-12th July, 2017): Panel submission deadline, 18th April 2017 This panel focuses on questions of how knowledge about animals is communicated, constituted and utilised in the public sphere. Animals have often played significant yet under-examined roles in engagements between science and wider publics. From ongoing historical traditions of amateur-professional collaboration, to the contemporary spectacles of natural history filmmaking, a mutual fascination with animals and their worlds has brought scientists and publics together since before the professionalization of the sciences. Animals have also been the focus of lively (and often fraught) debates between contrasting worldviews, often based upon radically different ways of knowing and caring about the world, on topics as varied as animal experimentation; pests and culling; genetically modified animals; and conservation controver

New issue + CFP | Eä - Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology

Eä Journal, Vol. 8 N° 1: TOC:  http://ea-journal.com/en/ issues/vol-8-n-1-june-2016 Articles Las políticas CyT durante los años noventa en Argentina: un abordaje desde las iniciativas de promoción de la investigación [Science and Technology policies in the 1990s in Argentina: an approach from research promotion initiatives] Erica Carrizo    La zarzaparrilla y el análisis de la materia médica en el siglo XIX mexicano [Sarsaparilla and the analysis of the materia medica in the 19th century in Mexico] Alba Dolores Morales Cosme and Carlos Viesca Treviño   La terapéutica en el  cáncer cervical: Debates de la ginecología argentina en la adopción de la radioterapia entre 1917 y 1919 [Therapeutics in cervical cancer. The Argentinian gynecological debates regarding the embrace of radiation therapy between 1917 and 1919] María Laura Rodríguez   Justicia y equidad en salud: un reto para la formación de los profesionales de la salud [Justice and equity in