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Preinscripción Programa de Doctorado en Estudios Históricos y Sociales sobre Ciencia, Medicina y Comunicación Científica

La Universidad Miguel Hernández anuncia la apertura del período de preinscripción para el programa de doctorado interuniversitario en " Estudios históricos y sociales sobre ciencia, medicina y comunicación científica ". Este programa de doctorado es el resultado de una colaboración docente e investigadora de tres décadas entre las Universidades de Valencia, Alicante y Miguel Hernández. El objetivo general de este programa es establecer un espacio académico multidisciplinario centrado en los Estudios Sociales sobre la Ciencia, conocidos como Science Studies en el ámbito anglosajón y norteamericano. Este campo abarca disciplinas como la filosofía y la sociología de la ciencia, la historia de la medicina y la ciencia, los lenguajes especializados, la documentación y la información científica, y la comunicación y divulgación científica. El programa se estructura en torno a una serie de asignaturas que aspiran a proporcionar un análisis amplio, plural e integrador de las dimension

Publicado numero 75(1) Asclepio

Nos complace anunciar la publicación del último número de la revista Asclepio, titulado "Acercamientos históricos a las relaciones terapéuticas". Este número presenta un destacado dossier que aborda diversas perspectivas históricas sobre las relaciones terapéuticas y su relevancia en diferentes contextos. El dossier, disponible en formato electrónico con el DOI https://doi.org/10.3989/asclepio.2023.v75.i1 , incluye una introducción escrita por Rosa María Medina Domenech y Pilar León Sanz, quienes presentan una visión general de los enfoques históricos en este campo. Asimismo, se presentan diversos estudios que profundizan en temáticas específicas relacionadas con las relaciones médico-enfermo, la enfermería profesional, la revisión emocional en el ámbito médico-terapéutico, entre otros temas. Además del dossier, este número de la revista Asclepio también incluye una sección de estudios que abordan distintos aspectos históricos en diferentes áreas de conocimiento, así como res

CfP: Journal of Energy History / Revue d'histoire de l'énergie Section ‘Energy Sources: new collections and heritage’

The Journal of Energy History is a bi-annual, open access academic journal, the first dedicated entirely to energy history. It is published online in English and French; from the autumn of 2023, it will be accessible through the editorial platform Cairn.info Contributions are currently being sought for the column titled 'Energy Sources: New Collections and Heritage,' which aims to explore primary resources and collections dedicated to energy. The selected contribution will appear on the December 2023 issue of the journal. Contributions shall come in the form of short papers, between 3000 words (20,000 characters) and 6000 words (40,000 characters). Papers can be written in French or English; if written in French, the journal will provide a free professional translation in English for double publication. Papers can focus on any aspect of primary sources and methodologies for the study of energy in a historical perspective. Examples of topics are (without being restricted to): Pr

CfP: Special Issue on Technology, Journal of Continental Philosophy

Reflections on technology throughout the twentieth century primarily focused on instrumental or anthropological accounts of machines, analog technologies, and industrial automation. With the emergence of powerful new digital technologies, contemporary reflections on technology have expanded significantly. They now encompass not only machines and artifacts but also entire ways of thinking, existing, and engaging with the world. In recent times, advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic automation, behavioral analytics, and cloud computation have intensified the relevance of the question of technology. This question pertains to its nature and the relationships we establish with it. The Journal of Continental Philosophy ( https://www.pdcnet.org/jcp/Journal-of-Continental-Philosophy ) invites contributions to a special issue that explores this question in various forms, including: How have modern approaches to technology and technical knowledge transformed our unde

CfP - Reassessing the "Scientific Revolution": Key Concepts and New Case Studies

A collective volume is being prepared on the scientific revolution, intended to be submitted to an international scholarly publisher. The aim is to reassess this historiographical category by coupling analyses of well-known texts and presenting new case studies (from the late medieval up to the early modern age), along with theoretical reflections on key notions that underpin the current views of the 'scientific revolution'. Abstracts of up to 500 words are welcome from potential contributors before August 1, 2023. Proposals should be sent to Marco Storni (Université Libre de Bruxelles). Accepted contributors are expected to submit a full paper before May 1, 2024. The volume project will be submitted to a major international publisher soon after the selection of abstracts, and further details will be provided to accepted contributors. https://philevents.org/event/show/110841 https://www.academia.edu/100848368/CFP_Reassessing_the_Scientific_Revolution_Key_Concepts_and_New_Case_S

Postes doctorat histoire de la médecine

Descriptif des postes : Dans le cadre du projet FNS MEDIF (La médecine féminine. Une histoire des premières femmes médecins et de leur contribution à l’innovation médicale entre la Suisse francophone et la France, 1867-1939 - https://data.snf.ch/grants/grant/215100 ), le CHUV et l’Université de Lausanne mettent au concours 2 postes de doctorant·e·s. Ces 2 doctorant·e·s seront tous·tes deux recruté·e·s dans le but d’effectuer un « Doctorat ès sciences humaines et sociales de la médecine et de la santé », un cursus qui associe la Faculté de biologie et de médecine (FBM) et la Facultés des sciences sociales et politiques (SSP) de l’Université de Lausanne 1. Un·e des doctorant·e·s sera placé·e sous la direction principale de la MER Aude Fauvel (FBM, CHUV-UNIL). Le projet de recherche de ce/cette doctorant·e portera sur : « Les stratégies d’alliances des premières femmes-médecins : une analyse des réseaux professionnels franco-suisses ». 2. Un·e des doctorant·e·s sera placé·e sous l

CfP: Writing Artifacts (Edited Collection)

A call for proposals is currently open for an edited collection titled 'Writing Artifacts.' The aim of this collection is to address a gap in writing studies by exploring the histories and uses of writing artifacts that reveal the material lives of those who interact with them. Scholars in writing studies, material culture studies, and related disciplines are invited to contribute to this collection, with a focus on building an archive of objects and possessions that hold significance in the study and practice of writing. For the purposes of this collection, a writing artifact refers to any material thing used in writing, including tools, implements, possessions, and both physical and digital objects. The collection seeks to examine a wide range of artifacts, such as personal possessions, communal objects, marginalized objects, and writing tools with limited knowledge. The goal is to uncover the diverse lives, writing histories, and practices of everyday people through the docu

CfP: A Research-creation episteme? Practices, interventions, dissensus

Dissensus is not a confrontation between interests or opinions. It is the manifestation of a gap in the sensible itself (Jacques Rancière) Symposium (hybrid) | Trent University | Peterborough ON, Canada | October 30, 2023. In collaboration with: Materialities Research Group, Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA) Cultural Studies Cultural Studies Graduate Programs, Trent University Public Texts Graduate Program, Trent University Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies Guest: Prof. Laura Marks (Simon Fraser University) Scholars in the humanities have been increasingly examining the correlation between creative practices and knowledge production, as well as exploring the boundaries of a creative research orientation. As universities adapt their categorization systems to meet new demands for knowledge transfer and dissemination, traditional barriers protecting visual artistic practices have given way to multi-modal forms of expression. These encompass a range of