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Job opportunity: 1-year post-doc, history of astronomy, Paris

History of ancient and medieval mathematical astronomy : A 1-year post doc position within the PSL research project TAMAS- Tables Analysis Methods for the history of Astral Sciences Deadline: September 30, 2016 Notification: November,1, 2016 Sarting dates: between January 1 and June 1, 2017 Observatoire de Paris, SYRTE, Equipe d’histoire. Post doc description The postdoctoral researcher will participate in TAMAS a PSL research project that pursues new standards in the edition and analysis of ancient and medieval astronomical tables. For centuries across Eurasia, astronomical tables were constructed, compiled and copied to meet a wide range of religious, ritualistic and political needs, to make calendars, to predict the future astrologically, and to understand the natural world. Such tables circulated among cultures and were appropriated and transformed by a great diversity of actors. Thus, the numerical data conveyed in these tables provide rich evidence fo

Asclepio. Nuevo número publicado Vol 68, No 1 (2016)

Asclepio  acaba de publicar su último número en http://asclepio.revistas.csic. es/index.php/asclepio Tabla de contenidos.  Estudios -------- Ciencia en el Barroco español: nuevas fuentes documentales de Jerónimo de Ayanz (p122)         Nicolás García Tapia,   Carlos Jiménez Muñoz,   Andrés Martínez de Azagra Paredes Petrus Van Musschenbroek (1692-1761) en el ámbito de la  physica  y su lugar en la  filosofía  (p123)         Steffen Ducheyne Relaciones ocultas a fines del siglo XVIII: la  Specimen Florae Americae Meridionalis  (1780) del  Real Jardim Botânico da Ajuda  y los diseños científicos de la Real Expedición Botánica al Virreinato Peruano (p124)         Margarita Eva Rodríguez García, Ana Maria Costa El Instituto Español de Entomología (CSIC) y la multitud molesta (p125)         Carolina Martín Albaladejo,     Antonio Notario Gómez,  Alfonso V. Carrascosa Santiago Lucien Cuénot, Richard Goldschmidt y Miquel Crusafont Pairó (p126)      

Science in Public Research Network: announcement and calls

We're very pleased to announce the formal launch and constitution of the Science in Public research network at what will be our 10th annual conference next week (13-15th July) at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Science in Public ( https://scienceinpublic.org/ ) provides a central point of contact  for academics and professionals interested in research about science, technology and medicine in the public domain. This includes research on the relationships between science, technology, medicine and society; public opinion and engagement; media and culture; and the broader public sphere.  SiP fosters cross-disciplinary debate across the many disciplines addressing these topics, including science communication and education; science and technology studies; history of science; development, policy, media and cultural studies; humanities, literature and the arts.    Because these fields are relatively ‘young’, we have a strong presence from early-career

Zurich: Phd and post doc positions in history and philosophy of math

The newly created ETH chair for the history and philosophy of mathematical sciences (D-GESS) is looking for Up to 3 PhD students and 1 Postdoctoral Researcher in history and philosophy of mathematical sciences The positions are devoted to historical and/or philosophical analyses of the development of mathematics (including mathematical aspects of other sciences), of the practice of mathematics (including, but not limited to, cognitive aspects), or of mathematics' contemporary scientific, social or cultural roles. At least one position will be devoted to the study of medieval non European mathematics, especially Indian or Arabic. Projects that focus on commercial and practical mathematics, or consider cross cultural exchange are especially encouraged. Philosophical projects that consider mathematics as a practice, rather than as an abstract ideal, are encouraged. Projects that are framed strictly inside the analytic philosophical tradition are discouraged (but

Call for Papers: special issue Ludwik Fleck

Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science  is pleased to announce a Call for Papers dedicated to the topic “Ludwik Fleck’s Theory of Thought Styles and Thought Collectives – Translations and Receptions”. Deadline for paper submission: August 30th, 2016. Publication of the issue: December, 2016. The main aim of this special issue is to promote a reflection on Ludwik Fleck’s ideas by focusing in particular on translation and reception of his work. We are interested in understanding the global reception of Fleck’s concepts, particularly within academic contexts, and discussing the problems associated with translating and editing Fleck’s texts. With this call for papers we would like to address an international public of scholars and to compare and correlate the provided case studies. Translators as well as theoreticians of translation are welcome to write about specific problems with translating Ludwik Fleck. Besides the central f

Journal Giveaway

In our continuing efforts to create some room within our premises, we are looking to give away the following journals: Annals of Medical History , 1917-1942 Medical History , 1957-1992 Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences , 1959-1987 Bulletin for the History of Medicine , 1951-1964; 1980-1989 Current Work in the History of Medicine , 1954-1965 Not only will we be giving these journals to whoever asks first, we will ship them to you without charge. Email:  blroot@rootenbergbooks.com   Url:  www.rootenbergbooks.com

Call for Papers: Literature and Madness, PCA/ACA Annual Conference, San Diego, CA, 12-15 April 2017

Type:  Call for Papers Date:  October 1, 2016 Location:  California, United States Subject Fields:  Area Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Health and Health Care, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Literature The Literature and Madness section of the Popular Culture Association is soliciting 15-20 minute papers for the upcoming year’s annual PCA/ACA conference in San Diego, CA, scheduled for 12-15 April 2017.  The deadline for abstract submission is 1 October 2016. Contributors are encouraged to think broadly about either or both terms of “literature” and “madness.”  For instance, madness can be addressed in its contemporary medical forms, as codified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), or it can be considered in any of the forms it has been assigned in other historical periods.  Likewise, literature can be viewed widely.  Past panels have included analysis of popular and canonical literary works and/or ge

Call for papers for Apuntes 80: Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America

Type:  Call for Papers Date:  November 21, 2016 Location:  Peru Subject Fields:  History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies   Apuntes, Revista de Ciencias Sociales invites researchers who are studying science, technology and society in Latin America to send their contributions for its 80th number, to be published in June 2017. It was decided to focus on this issue because social studies on science and technology (STS) have become increasingly relevant in recent years. In contrast to conventional approaches in which science and technology are investigated autonomously and in parallel, STS studies seek to generate dialogue and critical analysis about the interaction of science and society. In addition, the goal of these studies is also to understand how science affects people and how people incorporate scientific knowledge and technological innovation to pose epistemological problems and improve thei

Teaching opportunities in HSTM at Kings College London

The Department of History at Kings College London is looking for hourly-paid lecturers to deliver the following modules in the 2016-7 academic year: 6AAH3037/38 Twentieth-Century Medicine, State and Society in the United States and United Kingdom (term 1 and 2): see http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/ depts/history/modules/level6/ 6AAH3037-38.aspx for details. 7AAH2019 The Public History of Science, Technology and Medicine London Histories of Medicine and Science (term 1): see http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/ depts/history/modules/level7/ 7AAH2019.aspx for details. Duties will include preparation and delivery of classes, holding office hours and marking assignments The payment is £5722 for 6AAH3037/38 and £2416 for 7AAH2019. Applicants should hold, or be about to complete a PhD. A slightly higher rate of pay is available for those with 3-4 years lecturing experience.

Call for Papers in Historiography of Science

Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science  promotes scholarly research in the historiography of science and chronicles its history and criticism. Although historiography of science is a sub-discipline of History, we construe this subject broadly to include analysis of the historiography of science produced by history of science, philosophy of science and related disciplines. By focusing its analysis on the different historical, social and epistemological implications of science, historiography of science is a transversal knowledge with respect to the production of science, hence the name of this journal. In order to accomplish its purpose,  Transversal: International Journal for the Historiography of Science  discusses historical, theoretical, conceptual and methodological aspects of the different themes, works and authors present in this tradition, as well as the new approaches in the recent historiography of science. Open topic articles ma

Call for Papers: Observing the Everyday: Journalistic Practices and Knowledge Production in the Modern Era

Type:  Call for Papers Date:  August 31, 2016 Location:  District Of Columbia, United States Subject Fields:  American History / Studies, Communication, European History / Studies, German History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies Call for Papers – Workshop (GHI Washington, D.C. - March 2–4, 2017) Deadline for submission: August 31, 2016 Organizers: Dr. Kerstin von der Krone / German Historical Institute, Washington, D.C. Dr. Hansjakob Ziemer / Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin Observing the Everyday: Journalistic Practices and Knowledge Production in the Modern Era Fueled by the innovation of the mass press, the decades before and after 1900 witnessed a golden age of journalism both in terms of sheer quantity of press products and the professionalization of the vocation. It was during this period that journalists emerged as professional interpreters of the social world. Recent studies have shown that by the 1920s th

Scholar-in-residence programme of the Deutsches Museum Munich 2017

The Deutsches Museum in Munich has several attractive scholarships to offer research scholars interested in working for six or 12 months on projects involving the museum`s vast and heterogeneous collections. The scholarship programme is international and interdisciplinary in scope. There are myriad opportunities at the Deutsches Museum for innovative research into scientific processes and the changing cultures of technology. Founded in 1903, the museum's holdings comprise some 100,000 objects; an archive of 4,500 shelf metres including an extensive collection of scientific photographs, technical illustrations, trade literature and private papers; and a specialist research library with 875,000 volumes, 5,000 journals, and an extensive collection of rare books on te history of science and technology. The museum's collections have evolved over the years, absorbing the instruments, books and archives of individual scientists and engineers as well as of compan

Novedad editorial: Anticoncepción, mujeres y género. La ‘píldora’ en España y Polonia (1960-1980)

Anticoncepción, mujeres y género. La ‘píldora’ en España y Polonia (1960-1980) Agata Ignaciuk y Teresa Ortiz Gómez PVP: 18 euros (IVA incluido) 240 páginas Formato: 13,5x21 cm ISBN: 978-84-9097-166-6 Ref: ID170 Pocos medicamentos existen que superen en influencia social a la píldora que, desde mediados del siglo veinte, ha ayudado a redefinir el significado de la anticoncepción y de la sexualidad. Este libro estudia cómo se introdujo, se usó y se explicó, entre 1960 y 1980, en dos países sometidos a sendas dictaduras pero ambos con una fuerte influencia católica. Para ello examina, desde la historia social y cultural y la historia de género, los discursos, los debates y las prácticas generados de forma simultánea en el mercado farmacéutico, la profesión médica, los medios de comunicación y entre las mujeres usuarias, y lo hace de manera comparada entre ambos mundos. Se adentra así en una fascinante indagación sobre la memoria y sobre las ideologías y jerarquías

Two post-doctoral positions at Kings College London

Renaissance Skin Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow or Postdoctoral Research Fellow Reference: THW/16/059639/000818 Salary Details: Grade 6: £32,600 - £38,896 per annum Allowances: £2,323 London Living Allowance Contract Type: Temporary/Fixed term Contract Term: Full time The Department of History is seeking to appoint two Postdoctoral Research Fellows to undertake the research project as described in the Wellcome Trust funded research grant proposal ‘Renaissance Skin’, led by Professor Evelyn Welch (PI). This is a five year Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award studying the wide range of ways in which skin, both animal and human, was conceptualised and used in Europe between 1450 and 1700, a period of enormous change in terms of global contacts and connections and scientific innovation. There will be a team of three postdoctoral fellows (one five-year senior position and two three-year junior positions which will rotate over the five years) and an adm

Convocatòria de places d'ajudant doctor - Universitat de València

Convocatòria de places d'ajudant doctor Departament d'Història de la Ciència i Documentació, Universitat de València. A més de les activitats docents, la persona contractada podrà demanar l'adscripció a l'Institut d'Història de la Medicina i de la Ciència "López Piñero" i col•laborar així a totes les activitats de recerca i divulgació del centre. Àrea: 460 Història de la Ciència Plaça/es: 1209 Categoria: Professor/a ajudant doctor/a Dedicació : T.C. Nº de places: 1 Més informació: <http://www.uv.es/uvweb/ instituto-universitario- historia-medicina-ciencia- lopez-pinero/es/instituto- historia-medicina-ciencia- lopez-pinero/convocatoria- places-ajudant-doctor- 1285893059754/Novetat.html?id= 1285974434917> <http://www.uv.es/pdi/ contratados2016/Conv01_val. pdf>